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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Walking in Beauty in Zion National Park

Continuing my blogging marathon... 4 posts in 3 days! Wow, that's gotta be my record! Well, I'm determined to stay up to date, especially since we're visiting so many amazing places (Zion, Grand Canyon and Sedona) all within a few days! And so I've been editing photos like crazy as soon as I have 5 minutes in a stable spot! ;-)

Alright, now where was I?

The morning after the potluck Lillie kindly accompanied us into Zion National Park so that we could get in for free. (Yay!) We dropped her off at the Visitor's Center, then spent the rest of the day exploring the wondrous landscape of Zion Canyon.

On the park's website you can read that "Zion... encompasses some of the most scenic canyon country in the United States. (It) is characterized by high plateaus, a maze of narrow, deep sandstone canyons and striking rock towers and mesas." In other words, mega "Wow" factor!

I'm sorry if I'm not as talkative as usual as I blog about our adventures through Nature, but I figure that photos can do a way better job than I ever could in attempting to capture the magnitude of the beauty that presented itself in front of our eyes. As you know, words are so very shallow and limited when it comes to such grandeur.

 Once into the park, we slowly made our way along Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

One of the good things about visiting Zion in the wintertime is that the bare branches reveal the mountains even more.

On Lillie's recommendation we went for a hike along Riverside Walk.

The beautiful Virgin River that sculpted Zion's canyons.

The trail hugged walls of dripping water turned into ice.

At times we had to run to avoid pieces tumbling down onto the trail. One missed my nose by like inches! Eeek!

I particularly like these next two photos...

The water was emerald green... Breathtakingly beautiful!

What a cool rock formation, eh?

Making our way back along the scenic drive...

We saw several deer quietly grazing by the side of the road, undisturbed by all the cars and visitors.

Kylo wasn't allowed on the Riverside Walk so we took him to the Pa'rus Trail, next to the Visitors Center.

Frozen ice on the Virgin River


The trail offered unobstructed views of several cliffs and mountains. The three of us very much enjoyed it.

As you can see we couldn't have hoped for a better day, although it was a little chilly. We just made sure to walk in the sunshine. ;-)

I was intrigued by this rock formation made of several triangular peeks.

Satiated with all this wondrous beauty, we made our way 'home' to Lillie's and enjoyed a quiet evening. We needed our rest before continuing our travels south to Arizona, to walk in some more powerful landscape.

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  1. how beautiful! thanks for letting me know about your camera! xoxox