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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walking in Beauty in Grand Canyon: Part 2

Grand Canyon offers several hiking trails both along the rim and down into the canyon. As we didn't have a lot of time to explore we opted for a short walk along the Rim Trail that stretches for roughly 13 miles from South Kaibab Trailhead to Hermits Rest. We hopped on it at Hopi Point and made our way west. As we were about to start we were stopped by a group of Japanese tourists that asked if they could have their pictures taken with Kylo. hehe

Kyky, always a hit with the ladies! ;-)

We were especially impressed with the sight of Juniper trees' twisted trunks.

Let's see what all is going on down there.

Walking is definitely the ideal mode of transportation to admire the Canyon's magnificent views.

Mohave Point

This section of the Canyon is called The Abyss and boy, was it ever steep!

If you look very closely you'll notice the Colorado River snaking through the rocks.

We went only a little further than Mohave Point, then started to make our way back to the van. As we were walking we encountered a herd of elk quietly grazing and sunbathing by the side of the road. We were told that it was exceptionally early for them to have returned to the area.

We then drove to the end of Hermit Road to the most western stop: Hermits Rest.

It occurred to me that I better put some of the Canyon views on tape or else I'd end up with hundreds of photos. It also gives a much better perspective of how grandiose the landscape is.

More views of the Painted Desert as we drove back to Cameron.

Don't we live on an amazing mindbogglingly beautiful earth!?!


  1. These photos are stunning - what a wonderful adventure you're having!

    PS I tried your basil and fennel pizza recipe recently and it was fabulous. Thank you :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing! The photo of Don sitting looking over the canyon is such a beautiful one.

  3. Hello again from England. I visited Grand Canyon 2 years ago. It is the most spectacular thing I've seen. I love the fact that it actually isn't anything - it's basically a hole! I took so many pictures but none do it justice. To all your readers - go there, it's a must see.