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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Your Body with Raw Foods - Here's How!

As some of you may already be aware, there's been a very unique event going on in raw cyberspace since February 14th. Karen Knowler has been having a virtual book tour (a brilliant idea if you ask me!) for her new Raw Food Made Simple.

Karen, also known as 'The Raw Food Coach', has been a key pioneer in the raw community, both in the UK and beyond, for the last several years. She's been sharing her expertise through classes, training, lectures, private coaching and insightful newsletters. Karen distinguishes herself with her holistic approach, addressing not only the transformation of the body with the help of raw and living foods, but also the spiritual transformation that it invites. I love and appreciate how she shares so openly about this oh-so-important aspect of this healing journey, (I've posted several of her articles on Raw Freedom Community here), "fast-tracking you to boundless energy, radiant health and total body bliss."

Karen is passionate about making raw food easy, simple and fun to understand for everyone, so that no-one has to go through the maze of information and confusion that she had to navigate. In Raw Food Made Simple, her much awaited first book in 10 years, she answers all those common first questions, covering all the basics in just the right amount of detail. It also features 15 quick, easy and delicious raw recipes, a 5 day menu plan, 11 real life stories of transformation and a Go Raw! Action Plan.

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It's a pleasure to share with you this exclusive interview I did with Karen especially for you, the readers of my Sunny Raw Kitchen.

C: For many of us the decision to start including more raw foods in our diet came as an intention to feel healthier and better. What kind of discomforts/dis-eases was your body battling with prior to getting into raw?

K: None actually, other than being a little overweight. For me, being overweight by anything between 8lbs and 20lbs since I was 14 was a huge discomfort, as I didn’t feel as connected to myself and my body as I wanted.

C: What has been the most challenging aspect of 'going raw' for you?

K: The continual recreation and up-leveling of myself. Ironically, this is the aspect of the raw food journey/transformation that excites and fascinates me the most, and yet when it “hits”, it’s always about taking us out of our comfort zone and into challenging new territory that we never feel truly ready for! I’d like to say that it gets easier, and in some ways it does, but the process does have bigger “asks” every time.

C: Do you still experience cravings for foods that are not optimal for you? If so what is your approach to dealing with them?

K: I don’t experience cravings per se, but I will sometimes eat foods that are not as optimal as I’d like in certain social or life situations. My approach is simply to give it the perspective it deserves and that it’s no big deal and I’ll get back on track as soon as I can.

C: What does a typical day look like in terms of your food consumption?

It can actually look very different for different people. I am always keen to point out that you don’t have to eat 100% raw to feel the benefit, but the more raw you eat, the better you usually will feel, especially if you consider yourself to be in good health. Because I get asked this question a lot and people just didn’t know where to start, I created a free eBook called “Go Raw For a Day!” so people could see first-hand what a typical day could look like and how to make that happen. In fact I created two different menu plans within that eBook so people could follow one plan or mix them up, depending on their preference, and all of the recipes are super quick and easy to make. Readers are invited to get their free copy at www.GoRawForADay.com – there’s even a special discount code in the back to save 20% off my new book “Raw Food Made Simple” – people are loving both of these publications. They’re perfect for beginners who don’t know what to eat or where to start.

C: What are you most grateful for in your inner transformation process?

K: Great question! I’m really grateful for the new worlds internal and external that have been opened up to me as a result to eating raw, and I’m also really grateful for the kinds of people and experiences that it has brought me into contact with, as they have been truly extraordinary and wonderful. If I had to name one thing, it would be the awareness that we do not just create our own reality with what we believe, but also with what we consume, and that the process of creating our own reality – a better reality specifically – starts with the quality of energy or intelligence that we use to feed and create our cells. Everything really stems from there – it goes way deeper than most people realise. It’s really quite magical.

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  1. LOVED the interview... thank you so much for sharing!! I needed a little inspriation today ;0)

  2. Thank you for being part of my blog book tour Carmella! I appreciate it very much : )


  3. I so understand what Karen is talking about in creating our own reality through what we consume. The more waterful food, the more miracles!

    I have Raw Food Made Simple and made a video of Karen's Orange and Banana Smoothie that's on page 134, the perfect recipe for me, simple AND easy.


    I hope you enjoy it and I thank both of you for new insights.