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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Journey to Navajo Land

As we left Springdale for Arizona we saw more of Zion's wonders along the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway. (Nice name, eh? hehe) It started off with a series of sharp switchbacks that offered lovely scenery at each turn.

Ain't that color somethin'!?!

We then passed through a tunnel and on the other side got to witness the most unusual and interesting rock formations. I love how each one is so unique!

I thought you guys might like to hop into the van with us for a short while and enjoy the ride! ;-)

We then continued our way along Highway 89.

This was just after crossing into Arizona.

You can see a wee bit of Lake Powell to the right of the photo. 

The last stretch of the day's journey: from Page to Cameron. We passed a turn off to Tuba City close to which is the Hopi reservation and continued into the Painted Desert.

Resting at Cameron's Trading Post
When I was scouting for a motel in the Grand Canyon area (camping was out of the question with low temps in the 20s at night) interestingly the most inexpensive and pet friendly was the Cameron Trading Post; one of the last authentic trading posts in the Southwest, founded in 1916 and located on Navajo ground. Navajo and Hopi locals would sometimes travel for days to reach the trading post in order to barter wool, blankets and livestock in exchange for flour, sugar, canned and other goods (or shall I say 'not so goods?') Today the Cameron Indian Trading Post is owned by its employees, many of whom have had their roots in the area for generations, and has become a popular destination for tourists due to its convenient proximity to the Grand Canyon. It offers a unique blend of modern commerce and traditional trading customs as local Native Americans still sell rugs, baskets, jewelry and other crafts alongside Grand Canyon paraphernalia.

We couldn't resist buying a handmade dream-catcher for the van - we are hippies at heart after all! ;-)

Lo and behold I also found an apron with beautiful traditional patterns. I have never had one of those so we figured it was time I graduate to being a 'real chef'. lol

Towards the back of the store was a Navajo lady weaving a rug.

The Cameron Trading Post offers a number of rooms, all decorated Southwestern style.


Wowsers, this had to be the nicest place we've stayed at so far! I couldn't help but be reminded a little of the time we spent at Prude Ranch in Fort Davis, Texas; incidentally another old Indian stronghold.


The balcony offered a view onto the Little Colorado River Gorge.

One night, too tired to 'uncook', we decided to check out the Fine Dining restaurant (eh-hem). Boy was that ever a disappointment! The menu had a single item that was vegetarian (a Navajo Taco which came with fried bread), the rest was big time meat and fried stuff. Ewww! The place was packed with Navajo locals and let me tell you they did not look healthy. We asked for a plain baked potato which we drizzled with an oil free dressing and veggie salt we had brought with us.

Coming up next: our magical day at the Grand Canyon!


  1. Wow such a scenic route. Beautiful blog too.

  2. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! We'll be passing through this area in July on our move from NC to CA. Can't wait!!!

  3. I hope you have a very nice journey i want to make a nottish i am from Athens Greece and if you look your pictures in the cammeron trading post the cloths the vase the aother dtraditional items they have our signs are the same designs,the carpet in the fvto the outline design is the ancient at least 3000 years our traditional wave and maiandrus,in the plates are the maze old Greek symbol..and many others you can find these designs