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Friday, January 13, 2012

Russell James' New Homestudy DVD Course

In case you missed out, The Raw Chef Russell James has been recently treating us to some awesome free videos about how to be creative with raw foods. To my utter delight, in one of them he even shared how to make amazing spongy dehydrated Garlic Bread like the one served at the famous Au Lac restaurant! *doing the happy dance*

This week Russell is also launching a brand new and improved version of his popular "How to be Your Own Raw Chef" Homestudy Course.

You can learn soooo much (and a lot faster too!) when you can observe a pro at work, but not everyone is able to travel and attend live food prep courses. This is where Russell's genius comes in; he has designed a super thorough (and convenient) 10 week course that can be taken online, on DVD, or both as part of a special launch offer.

Russell feels that this is the best package he has ever put together, both in terms of an offer, and also in terms of the quality of the product itself. In this Homestudy Course, among other things, he covers Salads & Dressings, Pasta & Noodles, Main Dishes, Fermented Foods, Raw Cheeses, Breads & Sandwiches, Elixirs, Wraps & Rolls and Truly Raw Sushi. (He sure got me drooling! ;-) )

You can find out more about Russell's new "How to be Your Own Raw Chef" Homestudy Course here or by clicking on the banner below.

Raw Chef Recipes Course

PLEASE NOTE that the special launch offer has been extended until Wednesday 18th January at 1pm eastern time, 6pm UK time.


  1. oh how i would love to purchase the dvd set, or just have you come and train me some more!=)

  2. hehe... Now that would be such a special treat - for the both of us, I mean! ;-) Who knows what the Big M has in store in these exciting times?

    Hugs to you and John,