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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post-Holiday Omni Blender Detox Promo

2012. I've been hearing about this year for so long... you know, the end of the Mayan calendar and the world as we know it and all that. (You can read the clearest and most enlightening take I've come across about this here.) Now it's actually here and it fills me with both apprehension and excitement. We are always swimming in the great Sea of Unknowing, but where the current will lead us at this point in time promises to be even more awesome than ever before.

The holidays were super quiet for me here in lovely Santa Barbara. As it happened, I was alone, as my friend Diane is away traveling for a month. I know that to most of you this may sound like a sad deal but in actuality it's been really fine. Don and I haven't been celebrating Christmas for many years (for us it's a special, "Christmas" day every day - well, for the most part!) so I didn't mind being on my own. It gave me an opportunity to be completely in tune with the way I felt and what I'd truly like to do as opposed to being caught by a sense of obligation or someone else's momentum.

All day yesterday I was acutely aware of a profound sorrow swelling inside of me. This of course manifested as a strong discomfort. Thankfully I had enough energy to "stop the world" and just be with this feeling rather than going the easy route and attempting to escape from it some way. I was able to connect with how futile and, at best, temporary such relief would be. As Krishnamurti wisely points out in one of his journals: "You may run away from (sorrow) but it will be there to meet you again."

Exhausted in spite of my not "doing much" other than "feeling the pain", as Don calls it, I went to bed early. When I woke up this morning, the sorrow was no longer overwhelming and was replaced with a quiet sobriety; a familiar feeling that such intense encounters with pain always give me. I was moved to do some tidying up, something I rarely do, as it's normally Don's department. I suppose it had to do with wanting a clean start and making room for the new. Not a bad way to begin the new year. ;-)

And speaking of starting off on a good foot and cleaning up, Thomas Fox of Omniblender.com is having a special Post-Holiday Omni Blender Detox Promo. Hopefully you haven't been treating your body too badly these last few days, but whatever the case here's an incentive to whip up more wonderfully healthy smoothies, soups and other blended yummies.

Receive an Omni V 3 HP Blender for FREE!

Here's how this is going to work...

For the entire month of January every 15th purchase of an Omni V Blender with 1 jar or with 2 jars in either 110 or 220 volt ordered from among what Thomas refers to as his "Magnificent 7" (top 7 Omni Blender affiliates, which includes us) is going to be reimbursed for the full price to the customer within 2 days of the purchase. In other words, if you've been thinking about investing in an Omni Blender, this might be just the time to do it, as you have a chance of getting it for free! (Please note that other rebates, discounts, or offers cannot be applied.)

As you may remember, last winter we discovered the OMNI - a new high power blender that costs significantly less than comparable machines. At $250 it's clearly the 'value champ' and simply can't be beat at the 3 HP blender power level! (We've written a detailed post of our experience with the Omni V Blender here.) In fact I was so impressed with the OMNI that I accepted Thomas' offer to write a recipe book especially designed for it that is now included in each box. (You can find out more about Deliciously Raw here.)

You can place your order by email or phone (please make sure to mention that you've read about the promo on the Sunny Raw Kitchen blog so that it qualifies for the Post-Holiday Omni Blender Detox Promo!) or simply via the banner below.

My wish for you all, dear cyber friends, is that this year 2012 be a truly empowering, growth-full and abundant one in every way!


  1. Great offer Carmella, thanks so much for sharing it......hope you are feeling well and ready to take on the world again in 2012 :+>

  2. I really cannot pinpoint what I like best about your blog, as I enjoy the "blogging" as well as the great recipes! All I know is that I look forward to it and always read it all.

    I do like the name and it kind of invites me to open up to the sunshine of raw food when I need that inspiration to stay raw.

    Frankly you've had me in the kitchen more whippin' up raw recipes of all kinds that I used to just not bother with!
    I'm not sure why you're just plain inspiring! But that's what I need.

    Thanks for the blog.
    If I were to win I think I would love to receive the book, "The Best of the Sunny Raw Kitchen"