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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Five Candles and Sunny Raw Kitchen Anniversary Giveaway

All day yesterday the thought that something important happened on January 2nd kept nagging at me, yet I couldn't quite put my finger on it. You see, I was sure that my blog's anniversary was on the 3rd, and had therefore planned to post today. Well, I just realized that it was 'officially' on the 2nd after all! hehe. Ah well, so it goes... ;-)

Five years ago I was stepping into my virtual Sunny Raw Kitchen for the very first time. My intention was to share about my personal journey towards a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle, including my culinary explorations with raw and living foods. I had no real sense at the time of where that initial tiny step would lead. In fact, starting a blog wasn't even my idea in the first place, it was Don's! lol We had recently gotten a dial up connection to our home on a secluded mountaintop and the thought of being able to reach out to the bigger world out there seemed so thrilling and incredible. In our case it has more than lived up to its promise.

I sometimes pause - not often enough! - in order to appreciate how truly amazing a technology the internet is. It has changed so many things! I know that there's the shadowy side of it, but I prefer to focus on how it has been instrumental in allowing the spreading of knowledge and light in a way that not so long ago would have been impossible and for many, even unfathomable.

Creating The Sunny Raw Kitchen has certainly changed our lives in wonderful and unexpected ways. It gradually led, without the slightest planning on our part, to my releasing several raw recipe books and making a living doing what I most love to do, which is to learn, share and grow. I feel such depth of gratitude for Life having presented me with this medium to reach out and connect with you, wherever you are! It is such a privilege to, even if only a little, assist you in your own health and growth journey!

So how about we celebrate this blog's fifth year anniversary with a fun giveaway?

Sunny Raw Kitchen Anniversary Giveaway
To enter the contest all you have to do is leave a comment telling us why you enjoy The Sunny Raw Kitchen blog and/or a favorite recipe that you have discovered here. Tell us also which of my 4 recipe ebooks, The Best of The Sunny Raw Kitchen, The Best of Raw Freedom Community, Delightfully Raw or Deliciously Raw, you would like to receive. I will be announcing 3 winners (selected with the help of a random number generator) on January 12th.

Extended Raw Recipe Book Sale
In keeping with the festivities, I'm extending my Mega Raw Recipe Book Sale by a few more days. Until January 9th, you can order all of my books, in both electronic format and hard copy, at a savings of 15 to 25%! Find out how here!

Join Chef Russell James Live in His Kitchen!
Oh, and just before I go. While on the topic of freebies, The Raw Chef Russell James will be releasing several free new great and inspiring videos within the next few days about how to be creative with raw foods. Among other things he'll be showing how to prepare a spontaneous Italian themed dish, make raw Macadamia Cheeze and Garlic Bread. Sounds mighty yummy!

Make sure to check them out here or by clicking on the banner below!

The Raw Chef Recipes Mini Course


  1. As much as I enjoy the posts about the food, my favorite thing about the Sunny Raw Kitchen blog, and what keeps me coming back most of all, are the travel posts - learning about the people and places Carmella and Don and their furries discover along the way. I would love to receive a copy of Delightfully Raw. :) Thanks for the opportunity, and Happy SRK Anniversary!

  2. I thought I left a comment, so if the first one shows up...you could delete this one.

    Please include me in the giveaway. I am slowly learning how to eat more raw foods...it is a slow process for me but exciting at the same time.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!


  3. Bonjour! I live in Paris where it is so hard to enjoy raw foods and your blog is so inspiring and has given me so many great ideas! Where do I begin? Your raw soups? Or your amazing cheesecake. I love everything and would love your book! Anyone you choose, they all look fantastic ! Merci beaucoup and keep up the amazing recipes! Bisous !

  4. Yours was one of the first raw food sites I discovered and I made some delicious raw desserts, a coconut cream pie and some chocolates. Yum! I would love any of your books, cause I don't have one yet.

  5. If I win I would choose the "Best of"
    thanks. I read your site for recipes and ideas.


  6. Happy blog anniversary.For me too,yours was one of the first raw blogs that I found and has been my favourite ever since...

  7. Hi Carmella. I came across your blog a few months ago when I first stumbled across the raw food idea. I now live a high raw diet, and am slowly converting my fiance who was salad phobic when we first met! Your website is now the first place I look for meal ideas, and I've loved everything of yours that I've tried. I would be very grateful for any of your books. Lin :)

  8. Congratulations on your blogiversary. May you have many more! If I were the lucky winner, I'd let you pick the book you think would be good for someone who is new to raw foods.

  9. i love all the healthy recipes and health tips you give :) and i want all the cookbooks!

  10. I have been following your blog for quite some time and I love that I have been able to live vicariously through your travels! They have warmed my heart on many a cold Canadian day. Congratulations on five years of blogging!!

  11. Christina said... Much love and blessings on your special day! It was 2008 and I just got out of the hospital after a major operation. I was very ill and quite over weight. I really can't explain it I knew I had to make a change, not another diet but a life change and I went on the internet for and there was your site. OMG I would read it everyday slowly change started to happen my body but mostly my mind your recipes are amazing even if I do not win things happen for a reason and I think the reason is for me to have the chance to say thank you for all the love you have put forth and all the help you have giving me I would love to have the best of the sunny raw kitchen but if it is not meant to be keep doing what you are doing you are a true gift.
    In love and light

  12. I LOVE your blog! When I finally found it, I was about to drop the raw food ball. I had made so many raw recipes that ended up in the compost pile, but your recipes were sooo good! You really are the reason why I still eat a raw food diet today! THANK YOU!

  13. Hi Carmella - thanks for your creativity and dedication over 5 years. I have recently been found to be gluten sensitive and am baby stepping into raw in the hopes that I will feel much better in my second 50 years than I have in my first.

    Your recipes are great, and the pics and explanations are superb. I am enjoying using my Omni blender which I purchased on your recommendation. Thomas is a doll.

    Again, thanks for all that you do! Jo

  14. I enjoy reading about how you experiment with different ingredients and come up with great things. Thanks for your efforts and sharing them.

  15. I love your site because it gives me so much inspiration! You make liveing food look so enticing and simple to do. Thank you so much. I would love to have the best of sunny raw kitchen!!! I do jot have any of the yet though, so any of them would ne great!

  16. I love to read about your adventures. I live vicariously thru you. I enjoy seeing all the recipes you create and the people you meet. If you ever want to visit Flemington NJ, you will have a place to stay.
    I have tried your creamy spinach casserole and numerous desserts. I love making desserts. Thank you! Keep it going!


  17. oh and any book would be great! If I win.

  18. I love the down to earth-e-ness of your blog! I'd love to have Deliciously Raw -- it's the only one I don't have!

  19. When transitioning into a raw diet, your site had the absolute best recipes and didn't cost a thing. So many won't post a lot of recipes but you always had new and great recipes. I always look forward to reading your new adventures.

  20. Hi Carmi - I appreciate that you are impeccable about making sure a recipe works - I can always trust that when I make something of yours it will turn out great!

    One of my many favorites: Carmi's Fruit and Nut:) I bought two of your books and would love to have another one:) Keep up the amazing work!

  21. Happy anniversary! I love what a genuine and sincere voice you have, the beautiful photography, and of course, the recipes. My favorite recipe is for the coconut lemon bars. I would love to win your book Delightfully Raw. I know I would put it to good use!

  22. So many delicious recipes found here and in the books that I have. I love your nontuna recipe and your green soup, the blueberry cheesecake and more but those pop out right now.

    I think I have all the others aside from Deliciously Raw, so I'd love that one if I were so lucky to win. Thanks!

  23. Happy Anniversary! I'm not following a raw diet, but I have great interest in it. The Sunny Raw Kitchen has been an amazing resource on the subject for me! If I could choose one of your books, I think it would be Delightfully Raw. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  24. my favorite thing about this blog is getting to live through your exciting experiences with detailed stories and photos:) and i would sure enjoy ANY of your books!

  25. I love the blog, as it is honest and generous. It is rare to find a site or book where ALL the recipes are good! I also loved looking at your pictures of your travels. Thank you for everything you do!
    The one book I don't have is Deliciously Raw, so that would be nice. I don't know how you can contact me though, since I don't have an internet account!

  26. Your web site always brightens my day. I'm sure to find a new recipe to try that I'll enjoy. Thank you for sharing!!

  27. Your blog was one of the very first raw food blogs I stumbled on a few years back and have found every since in my food journey. And love all the fabulous recipes and pictures. It's very inspiring and I have made many delicious recipes from your site or to make my own creations.

    I would love the Delightfully Raw book.

    Thanks, love and joy.

  28. Hey Carmella,
    I left a post on the 3rd. Maybe mine didn't get through. My favorite aspect of the Sunny Raw Kitchen is seeing all the fabulous travel pics and learning about the people and places that you, Don, and the furries visit along the way. Of course I love the food as well, but the traveling images add that extra special something. I would love a copy of Delightfully Raw.

  29. I came across your blog when I was looking for a recipe on raw chocolate chip cookies. I made the cookies using your recipe and they turned out fantastic!

    If I am selected, I would love to own a copy of your Delightfully Raw book!

  30. Happy Anniversary! I always love reading about your adventures and being inspired by you. Wishing you two the best this new year. I would love the Delightfully Raw book. <3

  31. I am just finding out about raw food diet. Your website is very informative and has some very delicious looking recipes. I would love to win any of the books.