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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Awesome Sunny Raw Vee Giveaway and Book Sale

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Sunny Raw Vee Draw has been replaced with a Giveaway. Read on for more details!
Rough Canyon, Texas
If you've been hanging around my virtual Sunny Raw Kitchen a while then you probably already know that Don and I and our two furries, Kylo and DaPuss, have spent the last couple of years on the road. We've been loving our nomadic lifestyle which The Mystery has for us these days, and feel blessed by the breathtaking beauty it has allowed us to witness and the wonderful people we met. Yet, we've also found that our months on the road do take their toll. We attribute this in part to the increased level of stress brought by constantly being on the move and all that it entails. Another huge factor has been the fact that we have been rather 'roughing it', living in a van/tent.

Given this new 'gypsy' phase, it would make our lives a LOT easier if we had a vehicle more suitable for living 'on the road'. So we've been thinking of acquiring a new 'home on wheels': a used RV - or Raw Vee as we've come to refer to it! ;-) It would certainly take our nomadic experience to a whole new level!

Raw Prizes Galore!
We only have about two months to save up before we are likely needing to head back south. In that light, we thought of holding a "fun'raiser" and see if some of you guys might be willing to support the project with us. As a first step we therefore recently put it out to friends and members of the health and raw community, asking for product donations that we could offer as draw prizes.

We received several enthusiastic responses and set the draw in motion last week. What we didn't realize, however, is that for some reason Paypal doesn't condone this sort of thing. ;-( Therefore we just HAD TO find something else to do with all those cool raw products, didn't we?

So instead we've decided to offer these goodies as part of a Sunny Raw Vee Giveaway!

When you purchase any of Don's and my books from now until September 15th at midnight PST you will be automatically given a FREE ENTRY into our Giveaway!!!

Thanks to all of our generous contributors - you guys rawck! - you could receive one of the following: 

~ 5 copies of Travel in the Raw ebook by Heather Haxo Philips, courtesy of Heather of Raw Bay Area (each a $12.95 value)

~ 5 copies of Don's new Ready or Not - Freegold ebook (each a $9.99 value)

~ 3 copies of the Uncooking with Raw Rose ebook by Rose Vasile (each a $16.95 value), courtesy of Rose of RawRose.com

~ 3 copies of my soon to be released Deliciously Raw: Quick 'n Easy Recipes from The Sunny Raw Kitchen ebook (each a $9.99 value)  

~ One copy of the Pure Pleasures ebook by Natalia, courtesy of Natalia of NataliaKW.com (a $18.95 value)

~ One copy of the Just Desserts ebook by Heather Pace, courtesy of Heather of SweetlyRaw.com (a $14.97 value)

~ One box of Hallelujah Acres yummy raw Survival Bars*, courtesy of Gayle and Rick Asche (a $40 value)

~ One of The Raw Chef's Recipe Series Binder courtesy of Russell James (a $147 value)

And last but certainly not least...

*droll roll please*

~ A brand new Black Omni V 3 HP blender**, courtesy of Thomas Fox of 3blenders.com (a $265.00 value).

We discovered the Omni during our travels this past winter and were very impressed with its performance, which is right up there with other comparable 3 HP blenders. In fact, so much so that I have written a blender recipe book (Deliciously Raw) that is now included in each box! (Woo hoo!)

If you'd like to learn more about the Omni blender, we've written a review of it here.

* For North American residents only
** For US residents only

That's 21 items to choose from and nearly $700 worth of gifts!!! Woo hoo! 

And all without you having to do anything more!

Starting September 16th, we'll be picking names via a random number generator, then emailing them with the updated list of gifts to choose from. We'll keep doing that until everything is accounted for. (In other words, you'll get an opportunity to pick your gift rather than be assigned a specific one.)

The giveaway recipients will be announced here and on Raw Freedom Community's Forum Announcement section.

But wait, that's not all...

Sunny Raw Vee Book Sale
For the entire month of August I'm offering  ALL of my recipe books - including the hard copy of Delightfully Raw!!! - at a 20% discount.

To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is hop over to this page and use the coupon code "RAWVEE" while checking out.

There are also other ways that you can support us in our Raw Vee venture...

~ By making a donation via the 'Donate' button in the right sidebar. (This will also give you a FREE ENTRY into our Sunny Raw Vee Giveaway!)

~ By purchasing products via the banners and links in the right sidebar.

~ By telling a friend about our Sunny Raw Vee Book Sale and Giveaway!

Thanks in advance for purchasing our products and helping us out in our Raw Vee project!

Oh, and for those of you not yet in the loop, here's a quick overview of our life on the road.

Tomoka State Park, Florida
The Call of the Road
In the summer of 2007, after having moved 3 times in twelve months and with yet another one on the horizon, we decided to listen to what Life was telling us and take the Big Jump. We liquidated most of our belongings except for our raw kitchen paraphernalia, packed our furry friends, and headed east. We had no clear idea at the time what was awaiting us next, we were just gonna go with what we call 'The Flow'.

A few months later, when confronted with the possibility of renting and setting up house again, we instead continued to travel to the southern US for the cold winter months. What followed was the most incredible journey down the east coast to Florida, across to California and back up to Washington state. It was made largely possible by the generosity of my Sunny Raw Kitchen readers and members of Raw Freedom Community forum who invited us to visit in their homes along the way. We spent the rest of the time tent camping in the American wilderness; an amazing, but of course at times, challenging experience, especially when hauling around everything you own in the whole world, and furry critters to boot.

McDowell Mountain Regional Park near Fountain Hills, Arizona
After spending the warmer months with friends in British Columbia, we once again headed south in the fall. While we did our first trip in a minivan and a tent, last year we traveled in a small semi-camperized van, which made things a great deal easier. It was still far from being ideal, however, as with all of our kitchen equipment, raw supplies and our few belongings it meant emptying most of the van's contents in order to be able to sleep in it. Thankfully we didn't cover as much ground this time, sticking mostly to the west coast, except for a detour inland via Utah and Arizona.

I did my best to blog from the road and keep my readers up to date on our adventures. You can read all about them here:

The Delightfully Raw Tour

I'll leave you with a few pics taken during our two years of travels... 

Kyky at the wheel; we were in good paws! ;-)

Scraping the ice off the tent on a cold morning in Fort Davis, Texas.

Our camping paradise at Wheeler Gorge in Ojai, California.

Blogging on the road



Making chocolate truffles on New Year's Eve at Shepard State Park in Gautier, Mississippi. I got so many comments about this enterprise! lol Someone told me she even printed the photo out and put it on her wall as a reminder that, with a little determination, you can uncook anywhere.

Uncooking up a storm in Palmetto State Park, Texas.


The Smoothie Man in action.

 Raw feasting in our canvas home.


  1. Carmella, this is such an inspiring post. I love your raw on the road approach, and always keep your dedication in mind when I am traveling to new destinations. I like to make as much of my own raw food on the road as possible, and you have certainly proved it can be done. I also really like your use of acacia wood plates/bowls :) Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

  2. Hi Carmi!

    Sending huge hugs to all of you!

    I've been battling PayPal all morning. Was trying to order your new book and Don's and to donate a little toward your adventure. So frustrating. I'll keep trying.

    Michael, Graham, Gabe, Sally and I miss you. Love and hugs and smoochees, Lisa

  3. Sounds like a good book, Don.
    There is an interesting site: www.shareable.net
    to introduce coping skills.

    and I am so impressed w/ the ways you could manage uncooking on the road, too. Your postings were always such a treat and I hope to see you on the road in a future trip..