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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing Don's First Book: Ready or Not Freegold

I am pleased to present Don's first book, Ready or Not - Freegold: The Real New World Order.

While one of my main passions and creative outlets these last several years has been raw food prep, Don likes to keep a close eye on what all is going on in the world's finances. In fact his interest in macro economics goes way back to when he used to be an army officer in the 70s. (Yep, you read right! Talk about 'past life'! lol)

Shortly after we met in the early 2000s he began talking about an imminent financial crisis worse than anything we have ever known before, including The Great Depression. He just didn't know exactly when it would begin to unfold. Well, now it's clear that time has come.

In Ready or Not - Freegold Don talks about how the global economy is destined to collapse into a hyper-inflationary depression and why the new currency system will have gold as its foundation. He wants to put it out there to help people prepare. After it happens the transition will be terribly difficult for those who aren't ready. Don says that would be unfortunate because it isn't hard to understand what to do if you have the proper information about what is coming (and sooner rather than later, he is sure).

One of the difficulties about this affair is that we naturally doubt that anything so serious could be actually happening. Dealing with that doubt was one of the aims Don had for his book. Most people aren't even a little ready for the turmoil that is already baked into the cake. Are you?

Don's book will guide you to easily prepare, and he is sure that those few who do will be big winners when all is said and done, after something new and better emerges from the ashes. It has always been thus. Ready Or Not - Freegold includes some funnies (and even a few raw recipes too!)

Ready Or Not - Freegold is available for immediate download for a sliding scale of $8.99 to $12.99

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Here's a peek into Ready Or Not - Freegold...

Dear readers,
There is a critical difference between what may be the ideal, perfect monetary system and what are the real monetary changes we are currently heading directly into.

My purpose for writing this book was to share my own discovery and understanding of what is actually coming at us all, 'ready or not', like a freight train in a tunnel. Many perhaps see the light but few really know what it means and what to do about it. If we can determine where we are heading financially and economically, and why we are heading there, then perhaps we can discover, in advance, how the global economy will unfold in the coming weeks, months and years.

And with this understanding, hopefully we can take appropriate action and thereby gain a certain peace of mind with regard to our own personal finances as we head into what are sure to be very stormy waters. I know from my own experience that peace of mind is a priceless asset and therefore one worth whatever it takes, in time and energy, to acquire.

I feel it is extremely important for everyone in this time of severe financial upheaval, to re-examine the question of trust. This is another one of those difficult situations because we all have a long history where things financial worked a particular way, and we are very entrenched in our long-standing views and positions. It is extremely difficult to change these established ways of thinking because we have a great deal of energy invested and have many parts of our lives set up based on them.

However, there are times, rare though they may be, that the situation demands that we take the time and energy to take a hard re-examination. To accomplish this challenge we must be prepared to be ruthlessly objective, let the cards fall where they may, and be prepared to do whatever it takes to adjust to the new reality if the conclusions demand it.

The present financial crisis is far from over. In fact, it is getting worse. It can be described as a debt crisis, but its true nature is a monetary crisis. At its roots, it is a belated gold crisis. It is a punishment for discarding the honest unit measuring value…

The landmark year was 1971, when the United States defaulted on its international gold obligations under the Bretton Woods Agreement (to be the worlds reserve currency). There have been many defaults in history, but the one forty years ago was unique in that it exiled gold internationally and without recourse to the Courts from the global monetary system; thereby gold has been prevented from discharging its natural function as the ultimate extinguisher of debt ever since.

There is a direct cause and effect relationship between that decision in 1971 and the present global financial crisis. We are about to pay the price for our collective delusion as participants in this insane monetary experiment. Our monetary system today did not grow naturally, nor was it the result of careful study and planning by competent financial scientists. It has no inherent stable foundation because it is a ponzi scheme. In fact, it was imposed through bribe and blackmail on the worlds people.

The powers have, from the beginning of this crisis, lied and misled we, the people. They first declared that there was nothing to worry about. Then that yes, there is a problem but it is minor and contained. Then, oops, sorry but it is seriously systemically dangerous and will need massive bailouts of major banks and institutions, which will fix everything and get the economy growing again. The result – more than two years later and we have whole countries in trouble!

So if we can’t trust Them, what/who can we trust and what can the average citizen do to deal with this world of finance gone mad?

That is the question which this book, Ready Or Not - Freegold  attempts to answer.

A few short important questions for you. Are you personally confident you really know...

- if the global economy and financial system has been fixed and recovered after its near death experience in 08?

- if we are stabilized and on a path of sustainable growth?

- what financial derivatives are, the central role they played in the systemic near meltdown that occurred  in the recent past, and whether they are still a serious issue?

- the difference between fiat currency and real Money and why it is vitally important?

- that fiat currency is only created by debt and that therefore all the so called money 'printing' (QE's) has created much More DEBT to attempt to solve a DEBT crisis and why this is a serious issue?

- whether the world can look forward to price stability or will there be major deflation and/or inflation?

- whether your savings/pensions are safe?

- whether you are financially positioned properly to thrive and prosper however it all works out, for you and your loved ones?

If you couldn't answer YES to these critically important questions, then we can say with confidence you will greatly benefit from reading this book, 'Ready Or Not - Freegold'. 

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1 comment:

  1. Hello Carmella,

    I read your blog often, but rarely post, my apologies. I still want to order your recipe books, but finances have been a struggle for some time. Your website was one of the first that inspired and encouraged me to journey down the raw foods lifestyle, so thank you. I will indeed support you and Don when I am financially able too. I know that my partner would be deeply interested in reading Don’s book, as would I. Thank you for always putting so much energy into helping others. I love that you have the strength to do what you love, making food and sharing it with others.

    Much love and blessings to you! Amanda