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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunny Raw Kitchen Tour East Coast Adventures - New York State Part I

Before I get started with our rawkin' adventures in New York State, let me back track a little and tell you about what goodies we prepared to take along for the road. I am notorious for stocking up: raw products, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, you name it! Even now, with all of our worldly possessions in the van, almost half of it is food! lol So before leaving my sister's home a few weeks ago, we had pounds and pounds of nuts and seeds, so I figured that we might as well carry those in 'munchable' form. Plus, during our travels across Canada this summer, we had taken a bunch of dehydrated foods that proved to be so key in helping us stay raw while on the move. As it turns out, it took 3 D (dehydrator) days in order to prep all the yummies I had in mind!

We made some obvious staples, but also tried a few recipes for the first time: Onion Bread, Rainbow Flax Crackers, some left-overs from a flax cracker experiment, Soft All Veggie Wraps, Cumin Flat Bread and another one made with almond flour and oat flour (sorry, I can't recall the exact name right now) from Matthew Kenney's latest book Entertaining in the Raw, Nori Snacks with my Sunflower Garlic Spread, and Herb Pizza Crusts. We also had a few sweet goodies: two different kinds of Sweet Seed Crackers from Purely Delicious magazine, Raw Food Real World's awesome Cranberry Maple Granola, Heathy's Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, and a modified version of the CocoNut Chewies Bar that Clairecunn posted on Raw Freedom Community. Phfew! I'm exhausted just reading over the list! lol I told you we were at it for some time!

And The Journey is On...
Don and I are highly aware of how plans and ideas are, well, just that, and that when the rubber meets the road, Life may have something very different in store. In fact, to us, it's a wonder that anything turns out at all as we imagine it! Approaching the US border crossing, we really didn't know what to expect. As we pulled up next to the custom officials, we were prepared to get refused and have to head West back to British Columbia. (Although I have to say that this would have been a surprising turn of events, as there has been so many indications that going on this journey across the US was our next step.) The guard did his thing, asking us a few questions (some of them a tad strange like "How did you two meet?" lol), then waved us forward.

This is when it hit us that it was truly happening; this new and exciting chapter in our journey had begun! Don and I kept looking at each other, shaking our heads. We knew that our lives were about to radically shift - in the way that traveling always does - but in the 10 days or so since our arrival in the US, it's almost like we've been living in another dimension! lol And to think that only a little over a year ago, we still lived on a mountaintop, pretty much coming down only to go grocery shopping!

A Growing Fammunity

When we set off on this journey, we had a sense that it wasn't going to be only about raw foods, but rather that the latter would act as the bridge or 'excuse' in order for us to connect with amazing and beautiful people. Man, were we ever right! (And our travels have only just started!!!)

The first stop on our American tour was Groton, NY. (Pronounced "Graaaaaaawton" by the locals. ;-) ) After some initial confusion (I highly recommend to take Google maps' instructions with a grain of salt!), we finally made it to Lisa's centenary Victorian home. I won't give you all the details as to how we came to stay with them, but believe me, it is an awesome story with the undeniable signature of fate all over it. Lisa, her husband Michael, their little guys Graham (5) and Gabriel (2), and grandma Sally welcomed us with such opened arms! In just a few days we simply couldn't shake the feeling that we were family.

After one of our many (very) late talks.

The kids also adopted us in no time. They are sooooooo adorable! The day after we got there, Graham candidly told Lisa: "Carmi & Don could stay here forever!" Awwwww

Oh lookie, Donnie... Pumpkins!

In Lisa's Sunny Kitchen
While Lisa and Michael were at work, Don and I would take over the kitchen and whip up some raw yummies for dinner. The most challenging (but also fun!) meal we prepped for them was on the day after our arrival. After snooping around their cupboards and fridge, I opted for a Carrot Curry Soup my dear Mosaica had been raving about (oh sooooooo good!!!), Kelp Noodles in Peanut Sauce served in collard wraps and Russell James' Wilted Kale Salad. At some point, Graham, their 5 year old, looked over at Don and I working in the kitchen and solemnly declared: “You two ARE very good cooks!” ;-)

I just have to tell you the little story around the kelp noodles. Lisa decided to order those from the Raw Food World after she read this post and hadn't gotten around to using them yet. Of course, she'd have never guessed at the time that I'd one day be standing in their kitchen and preparing that very dish. “Buy the noodles and she will come!” Lisa said laughing. ;-)

Kelp Noodles Wraps

We also had a little extra to enjoy on its own...

Kale Salad

Everyone loved the meal, even Graham who usually is a bit suspicious of new things. Lisa told me he normally eats very slowly, but he wolfed down his food and reached out for seconds! lol

Some of the other delicious food we've shared included...

One afternoon, Graham gave us a hand in making my Super Caramel Chocolate Tart.

First he helped Don press the crust.

Then he beautifully decorated it with pecans. See the smily face?

Proudly showing our handiwork.

Ooops, caught in the act! hehe

Can you tell everyone's happy to dig in?

Meet the whole family: Graham, Gabriel, Lisa, grandma Sally and Michael. They're giving the Tart the thumbs up!

I also made my Fruit & Nuts Choccie which Graham helped me demold.

Gabe and Graham enjoying their raw dinner consisting of apple, cucumber and avocado pieces.

I'm so so happy that the food we prepared went over so well and to have introduced them to recipes they'll actually feel like making again. Yay! Even Sally was open to trying our juices, smoothies and various raw goodies and thought they were delicious. ;-)

Behind the blogging scene...

After a real good laugh. (Hey Puff Ball!) ;-)

Be back soon with the rest... ;-)

Oh, and in case you missed it, you can find out more about our upcoming stops in this post.


  1. Great job getting into the country! :D I grew up in Groton and Mystic!! Cool.

  2. welcome to the US! enjoy the trip. everything looks delicious. i love how you just made yourself at home in the kitchen. like raw kitchen angels appearing.

  3. Looks delicious! I can't wait until you make your way to Seattle. I'd love to meet you if you have the time! I do some raw chef work at a local health cafe, and I'd love for you to see it!

    I'll keep tabs on where you are and will see if timing works out :-)

  4. I really shouldn't read these posts of yours on an empty stomache! They sound sooooo amazing! Sounds like a great time had by all!