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Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Time To Celebrate: Ebook Sales, Sirova Discount and Fun Birthday Giveaway!

Next week promises to be a festive one for us! Yippee! *doing the happy dance*

My birthday is coming up in a few days - I'll be turning 39. Whoa, that's getting pretty darn close to changing decade! I must say that over time I have grown more and more disconnected with the whole birthday thing as I haven't 'felt my age' in years! I guess I feel more like a teenager (minus the identity crisis of course!) ;-)

Don and I will also be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of our crossing paths. Wow, has it really been that long!?! *shaking her head in disbelief*

I've been blessed with many a miracle and wonderful synchronicity in my life, but the story of how Don and I were brought together remains one of my favorites.

As I've mentioned before on a few occasions, in 2000 I had an insight that I needed to leave everything I had going in Quebec and move across the country to British Columbia. While wondering how this would happen, I met a fellow at a sound workshop that I was giving in Montreal. During the break we got talking and I learned that not only was he going to BC for his holidays but he was planning to drive and had extra room in his car! How perfect was that? The only problem was that he was leaving in less than 3 weeks. Eeek! But when something is meant to be, everything conspires to make it happen. The next day found me quitting my part time job at an organic bakery and beginning to put things in motion. Within that short period of time I managed to find a new home for my cat, sublet my apartment and sell most of my furniture and belongings! Wowsers eh?

The trip west went pretty smooth and 10 days or so after our departure we arrived near Vancouver. Since we were both heading in the same direction, we decided to go to Vancouver Island together before going separate ways. After spending a couple of days in Nanaimo we traveled south to Victoria for a short stop. As we were driving into the city, along Dallas Road (that hugs the water), I had a very unexpected experience. The only way I can describe it is that I felt my heart open and at that moment I knew that this was where I was meant to live. "What are you talking about?" my mind protested. "You're supposed to spend the whole summer floating around BC before deciding where to settle down!" I shook off the doubts and decided to take the day to explore the possibility of staying in Victoria. I looked through the local papers, wandered around downtown and hung out by the piers. Having lived in Ireland and England, I really resonated with the British/European feel of the city.

During the afternoon I stumbled upon a health food store and while browsing through it found an ad for a room for rent in an old shared Victorian house. I gave them a call and arranged to visit the next morning on our way out of the city. The house was conveniently located right on our route to the ferry, which was again perfect. When I got out of the car, I was greeted by two wagging tails; one of which belonged to no other than Kylo. A bearded man (guess who!) opened the door and gave me a tour of the house. I immediately knew that this was to be my new home. As I was leaving (I still had to go back to the mainland in order to get all of my gear), Don told me "I think you'll be happy here." Little did we know that this was the beginning of a powerful new chapter in both of our lives!

By the way, I later learned that Don lived for 9 years in downtown Victoria and he said he must have walked along Dallas Road a thousand times! ;-) Ahhhhhhhh, Life and its magic, eh?

Although we aren't a 'couple' in the usual sense of the term - our relationship is platonic - I have never felt such deep connection and intimacy with anyone before. Best friend, fellow pilgrim on the Path, mentor, chauffeur and, of course, dedicated and invaluable kitchen assistant (he he), I can't describe how blessed I feel for The Mystery having him by my side.

With that as a short historic background, you guys can join us and celebrate in three different ways...

Festive Offer #1
In addition to selling The Best Of The Sunny Raw Kitchen and The Best of Raw Freedom Community ebooks separately, last year I decided to also offer them together as one convenient package. You can now purchase these two best sellers with a single click!

The package is normally available for a sliding scale starting at $19.98, but for this doubly special occasion you can purchase it for only $15.99 from now until July 12th!

To order this celebratory ebook package, simply click on the link below and make your donation via Paypal or major credit card.

Add to CartView Cart

The downloading instructions for the ebooks will be sent to your inbox shortly after you've completed your payment. (If you don't receive it, you might want to make sure it hasn't been sent to your SPAM or junk folder!)

Festive Offer #2
My friend Joanna over at Sirova must have picked up on the festive vibe as she just sent me an email out of the blue with an exclusive offer especially for my blog and forum readers. Woo hoo!

While shopping at her online store, get 10% off any size order until July 31st. Since Sirova's prices are usually way lower than other online stores, it's really a super deal with the coupon on top!

To redeem this offer simply enter the coupon code - RAWFREEDOM - at the check out.

Festive Offer #3
Do all good things tend to come in threes? ;-)

Yesterday I got more fantastic news! Russell James - one of the Chefs I admire the most in the raw community - is about to release his brand new ebook in The Raw Chef’s Recipe Series: Raw Nut Cheese Recipes. All of his ebooks are outstanding but this one promises to be a particularly great one. “Goats” Cheese, Onion Garlic, Olive & Sundried Tomato, Macadamia Pesto, Feta and Ricotta; raw vegans plagued with cheese cravings at last have an answer to their prayers! ;-)

The Raw Nut Cheese Recipes ebook will be $14.97 when it’s released on Wednesday July 14th, but if you’re one of the first 100 to pre-order a copy now you’ll get it at $7.48.

Raw Nut Cheese eBook

But that's not all. To celebrate the new ebook, he's also offering all of his individual ebooks for sale at half price too until Saturday July 3rd!

You can check out Russell's excellent Raw Chef’s Recipe Series here.

Birthday Ebook Giveaway
And last but not least, how about a fun giveaway?

It's been a while since I've whipped up anything fancy in the kitchen; I've been mostly sticking to our quick 'n easy staples. But how could I pass on this opportunity to concoct something special and yummilicious?!?

Since I haven't had the time and energy lately to hunt for new recipes to try, I need your help to come up with a rawesome dinner menu!

Leave a comment or send me an email at sunnyrawkitchen(at)gmail(dot)com with your favorite recipe(s) (preferably something I haven't posted on this blog) and get a chance to win a copy of my The Best Of The Sunny Raw Kitchen and The Best of Raw Freedom Community ebooks. Just bear in mind that I would need those by the 5th at the latest! Thanks!

The chosen recipes will be featured and the winner(s) will be announced in a special 'birthday post'.

Hope you have a joy-full and blessed week too!
If you haven't had a chance to hop over to Raw Freedom Community yet, or for those of you who are still in the process of getting familiar with all its nooks and crannies, here are a few of the things you might be interested in: - Find out what RFC is about by looking at the FAQs (under 'Quick Start Guide') - Meet our members and tell us a little about yourself (under 'Introduce Yourself') - Talk about what it's like 'Living in the Raw' (under The Sunny Raw Lifestyle) - Browse through our ever-growing virtual recipe book, or post your favorites raw recipes - Set up your homepage, start a blog, or build your network via our awesome new Zoints Local feature. - Drool over mouth-watering recipe photos in the 'Photo Only Thread' - Talk about all-things-kids in our Raw Freedom Kids section - Browse through RFC's 'Library' of links and resources - Or just 'Hang Out' and talk about whatever... - Read some great tips to improve your navigation of RFC's site - Find out how you can customize RFC's look by choosing between 14 different templates to surf RFC with! And last but not least, I couldn't resist the opportunity to have a bit of fun and make a few people happy! To celebrate Raw Freedom Community's second anniversary, I'm giving away 3 of my recipe ebook packages. To enter the contest, all you have to do is tell us how including more raw foods into your diet has had a positive impact on your health (and life!) A special thanks to all the members of RFC's rawsome fammunity! It wouldn't be the warm and special place that it is if it wasn't for you!

Happy Birthday RFC!


  1. Fascinating story ... things really do work out as intended (as I remind myself this morning :)

  2. Happy pre-birthday, Carmella(I really like you're blog:)from a fellow Cancerian-boar(I too recently turned ek, 39:)That was a lovely surprise to find that out(Out of all the bloggers out there you appear sincere and genuine:)!


  3. What an amazing story! I came to Victoria via New Brunswick and experienced a feeling of belonging as well. Now I'm in Vancouver and have managed to find a similar crowd. Yoga on Kits beach at in the morning, lounging at the beach at UBC on my lunch break. I can't imagine it getting any better than this.

    I just joined the raw vegan potluck group on Meetup -hopefully will connect with other raw foodists.

    I hope your birthday was an amazing celebration of your life!