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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vote for Best of RAW 2008!

Looks like we're getting our share of fun in raw cyberspace this month! We've had awesome Holiday Draws and Giveaways, and today I just found out about Best of RAW 2008!

Giselle Tarres, Laura Fox of Raw Inspirations Radio and Visionary Culture, Dhrumil of Give It To Me Raw, Steve Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio, Revvell of Rawkin’ Radio, Eric Csoka of Quest.tv, and Paul Mamakos of The Raw Games have come together for their first collaborative Raw Media venture. Best of RAW 2008 is a publicly nominated Raw Vegan Celebration, honoring movers and shakers in the raw vegan movement. 296 community members have nominated hundreds of raw vegan leaders in 14 categories!

Join us for the fun and cast your votes for your favorite raw vegan educator, chef, restaurant, website, book, snack and more. Oh and let's not forget the Sexiest Raw Vegan Woman and Man of 2008 categories! ;-)

To my great surprise (and excitement!) I am nominated in four categories:

Best Raw Vegan Educator: Carmella Soleil

Best Raw Vegan Chef: Carmella Soleil

Best Raw Vegan Media: The Sunny Raw Kitchen Blog

Best Raw Vegan Website: Raw Freedom Community and The Sunny Raw Kitchen

Carmella's Note: After some initial confusion, I'm delighted to confirm that The Best of Raw Freedom Community E-Book is also nominated in the Best Raw Book category.

You have until noon on New Year's Eve to cast your votes. The nominees who get the most votes will be announced as winners live from Los Angeles on Raw Inspirations Radio at 7pm New Year's Eve.

So don't forget to pop by the Best of Raw 2008 website and vote for your faves by clicking on the Durian below!


  1. Congratulations Carmella on the nominations. Now I'm off to vote for you.

  2. Carmela! I wrote about you, come see!