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Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Great Recipe Ideas for Rawesome Holiday Feasting

Yesterday our hosts, Gayle and Rick, went to one of the many local farms to pick their Christmas tree. I guess there is no denying it, the Holidays are approaching... and fast! I know that it can be a rather stressful time of year, what with all the preparations and family gatherings. That can be especially the case when you are following a special diet; what to prepare that not only looks and tastes festive, but is also healthy and appealing to non-raw enthusiasts?

I thought I'd throw a few ideas your way in an attempt to hopefully make the challenge easier and more fun!

1. You may want to check out a couple of my old posts:

2. Browse through Raw Freedom Community's Holiday Recipes section

3. Have a look at these "30 Awesome Holiday Recipes for Raw Foodists"

You might also be interested in 2 great recipe books that were specially designed for the Holidays:

4. In his Christmas Recipes ebook, Russell James shares 16 recipes with full color photos, including:
- 3 Juice Cocktail Recipes Guaranteed to “Spice Up” the holidays!
- Mouth-Watering Recipe for Minced Pie
- 4 Canapes and Nibbles Recipes
- 2 Dessert Recipes
- Recipes for Stuffing, Cranberry Relish, Meatloaf, Herb Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Even “Sausages”
    5. Raw Bay Area has created a first of its kind Healthy Holiday Survival Guide for raw and health-conscious foodies seeking to transform their holiday celebrations. This book is packed with helpful articles and 35 delicious recipes to keep your holiday season fresh and healthy. They’ve gathered this special collection of recipes and advice with the help of raw food luminaries like Cherie Soria, Elaina Love, Matt & Angela Monarch and Russell James. Plus, they’ve included a section by hot new raw chefs such as Cafe Gratitude's head pastry chef Gregory Manitsas, Melissa Mango, Diana Stobo and many others, including yours truly! *wink*

    This beautiful book is full color with lots of gorgeous food pictures and professional design elements. You can buy it as an e-book or printed version. They made it spiral bound, so it’s easy to use in the kitchen and share these luscious raw holiday recipes with your friends and family.

    Check out the details here.
    You can even download an excerpt of the book!

    6. And in case you're in the Medford, OR area (you never know, right?), you might be interested in joining me and my good friend Jozzie for a Raw Holiday and Party Nibbles food prep class on December 16th. ;-)

    On our festive menu that day:
    • Champagne Rejuvelac
    • 'Untuna' Salad
    • Stuffed Tomatoes with Asian style Veggies
    • Stuffed Snowpeas with Beanless Hummus
    • Nacho Cheeze Dip with Veggie Sticks
    • Herb Cultured Nut Cheeze
    • Bruschetta
    • BBQ Meat Balls
    • Hazelut Truffles
    • Mini Cheesecake withBerry Sauce
    • Blonde Fruitcake
    For more details, contact Jozzie by email

    I wish you all a wonderfully blessed and joy-full Holiday Season!


      1. Hi Carmella! Thanks for the great holiday ideas. I saw you guys at Thrive!! (unbeknownst to you!) It seemed you were in the middle of a conversation, and I didn't want to interrupt{shy ; } But it was good to see you guys in the flesh... more radiant and beautiful! Perhaps I will officially meet you all in the future. I live in Tacoma, WA and am starting up a raw mobile food cart.. perhaps it will roll in your direction some day!?
        light & love,

      2. A raw prep class sounds fun....maybe there is on here in Atlanta.

      3. Carmella, happy holidays and road trip. I just wanted to let you know I've have enjoyed watched your videos...please keep insert them into your posts. It's almost like having you her. And the added insight into rawfood lifestyle/uncooking has been a light to sample, "first hand" via you videos. Henrietta

      4. What an amazing tea party! Yes I wish I was there.