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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time to Cast Your Votes for Best of Raw 2009!

Voting has now begun for Best of Raw 2009! Woo Hoo

BEST OF RAW 2009 is a publicly nominated Raw Vegan Celebration produced by Laura Fox + Visionary Culture, honoring movers and shakers in the raw vegan movement! 517 raw vegan enthusiasts have nominated HUNDREDS of raw people, products, websites, restaurants, etc in 30 categories!

The BEST OF RAW philosophy is to have fun while encouraging the energy of playful coopetition — cooperation plus competition. We truly wish to celebrate all leaders and to have some fun with an engaging community activity designed to be delightful and promote the raw vegan lifestyle.

Join us and cast your votes for your favorite raw vegan educator, chef, restaurant, website, book, snack and more. Oh and let's not forget the Sexiest Raw Vegan Woman and Man of 2009 categories! ;-)

To my great surprise (and excitement!), my websites and I have been nominated in seven categories:

Favorite Raw Vegan Educator: Carmella Soleil

Favorite Raw Vegan Chef: Carmella Soleil

Sexiest Raw Vegan Woman: Carmella Soleil (hehe)

Favorite Raw Blog: The Sunny Raw Kitchen

Favorite Raw Vegan Website: Raw Freedom Community (rawfreedomcommunity.info) and and The Sunny Raw Kitchen (thesunnyrawkitchen.blogspot.com)

Favorite Raw Vegan Book: The Best of Raw Freedom Community E-Book

Favorite Raw Vegan Online Community: rawfreedomcommunity.com

Phfew! Wow, I'm really speechless guys!!! THANK YOU!

You have until noon on New Year's Eve to cast your votes. Winners will be announced on the Dec. 30 Visionary Culture/Raw Inspirations Radio Show!

So don't forget to pop by the Best of Raw 2009 website and vote for your faves by clicking on the link below!


  1. You certainly deserve to be in all of those categories!

  2. Please come to London...Your food looks amazing, i want to meet you and learn all your skills!!!!!!

  3. I am truly happy for you!

    Tell us more about that beautiful creation in the pic above...recipe?

  4. Thanks girls!


    I know, it looks gorgeous doesn't it? The pic comes from the Best of Raw 2009 site so I'm not sure of its origin. If you contact Laura Fox, I'm sure she'd be happy to tell you more about it!

  5. Sorry You didn't make our meet up at Present Moment. But I know that Eva took good care of you at Shakti. Shakti is closing down which is a great loss for us local Raw Fooders. Almond blossom cafe inFlagler Beach closed down this past summer, Come on back soon and try Present Moment.

  6. Great post, lovely, inspiring. I like your honest talk about your raw food journey and experience with the kind woman. Your response was very healthy for both of you. Bravo, sweetheart!