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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunny Raw Kitchen Tour Itinerary (Updated!)

It finally dawned on me that I should post our itinerary and keep updating it as we go. (Duh!) Ah well, at least it didn't occur to me in California or somethin'! lol

Sunny Raw Kitchen Tour Itinerary

We are now in California and have begun the last leg of our adventures along the west coast.

Here's what the rest of our itinerary looks like so far...

- San Francisco Bay area, CA:
  • Raw Gourmet Made Easy class in Sunnyvale on Sunday March 7th, 2 pm
  • Let's Fire Up the D class in Sunnyvale on Tuesday March 9th, 6:30 pm
  • Talk on being "Raw on the Road" on March 11th, 6:30 pm
- Medford, OR:
  • Raw potluck on March 14th
  • Raw Italian class on March 18th, 5:30pm
  • Raw Asian class on March 28th, 2:00pm
- Portland, OR
  • Raw potluck on April 8th

Other stops along the way...

- Olympia, WA
- Seattle, WA
- Anacortes, WA

We'll be having some kind of raw get together in most of those places, so drop me a line if you'd like to be kept posted or get more info about the scheduled events. Also, if you live somewhere along the way and would like to hook up or even help put together an event, please send me an email:



  1. Always loved reading your blog, sharing from your great recipes and now enjoying additionally your travels throughout USA and recipes, pictures and the "transparent" you and Don shared. Thanks tons. Keep them coming as they inspire me more, not that I can't do that alone, but with you it's your energy that adds to all the wonderfulness of you both!!

    Carol Giambri

  2. I too love reading your blog,
    I was wonder what you guys have been up to since I haven't seen anything in my email. I was just thinking that last night and whala! today I saw your email. I love your travels and i would love to be able to do that. You both give out such great inspiration. Your truley blessed. Well as always thank you.

    safe travel to you:)

    Rhonda D.
    Venice FL

  3. I too love your blog. I was wondering what happened to you guys I haven't seen an email for a while and today whala! one pop up.
    I love your travels and live through them by your blog. You guys are such an inspiration. Your truly bless. Keep up this great blog. I see other raw foodist travel and post a video but I truly look foward to reading your blog. well better go it's getting late.

    Safe travels to you both and the furry kids;)
    Rhonda D.
    Venice FL

  4. Hey there! I live in Gilbert and when I read you went to Trader Joe's I was so excited! I am in there almost everyday, but we must not have been there at the same time...lol...which is good for you cuz I probably would have yelled out, "Carmi, Don!" being so excited to see you.

    I can't get to Phoenix to meet you, but at least I know we have shopped at the same store! *wink*

    Love the blog, love to read it and love to follow your adventure!


  5. Can I have some more info about about the raw potluck in Portland OR? Or is it just not planned yet?

  6. Hi Jamie,

    If you send me an email at sunnyrawkitchen(at)gmail(dot)com, I'll forward you the address where it will take place. ;-)

    Hope to see you there!

  7. Hi Carmella,

    I'm one of the organizers for the Santa Barbara Raw Foods Meet Up Group. Just got an email from Diane that you may be in town, great! :) If you're still here, please let me know if I we can set up a potluck this week to welcome you, would be fun if you'd like to speak too. Can email me through Facebook or MeetUp website, also my contact info. is on www.TheOrganicAcorn.com. Not sure I want to post my email and phone number right here on wide web though... hope to hear from you! :)

    Heather Baker