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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Winners of RFC's Anniversary Giveaway

First off, I want to say I am blown away by the amazing response I got to RFC's Second Anniversary Ebook Giveaway! I've received close to 40 entries altogether on RFC's thread and this blog! THANK YOU ALL for sharing so openly your raw stories with us; you gave me goose bumps! ;-)

Congratulations to Aimee, Ani and Luckitri! You will each receive an ebook package as soon as you contact me with your email address! You can do so by leaving me a comment here (no worries, I won't publish it!) or sending me an email to: sunnyrawkitchen@gmail.com

Here's how raw foods have had a positive impact on their health and their lives in general:

"Raw foods have helped me in a lot of ways. One of the most obvious was the increased energy. Especially after I eat superfoods and green juices. This is very helpful for me because I have epstein-barr (chronic fatigue).

Another way raw foods has helped me is in my digestion. It is never sluggish if I eat raw foods. I lost 30 pounds and feel lighter and happier. My skin also is rid of psoriasis (which I had for 18 years) and glows.

How about that?

Love your blog too!"

"Although i have been eating well and fairly high raw for many years i have definitely increased that in the past 2 years, discovering raw crackers, breads and such and discovering real recipes and other people who are interested, committed and creative in their journeys. The biggest shift i notice, even going from nutritious, plenty raw to higher raw is a sense of peace in my body, my self. Cravings and emotions are calmed and i have more energy, a more restful sleep, and therefore: patience. I have 2 young kids, and I feel really good about serving them healthy, life-supporting foods that they really ENJOY! It is a good feeling knowing that i am supporting their health when i feed them, and that they are learning good eating habits. I know this movement is spreading like wildfire, and I love learning how to create a new dish and share and inspire people! The feeling of making some Nourishing food that makes people have a little spark of joy, or pleasure is so wonderful! Knowing this food is healing and infused with energy and life makes it even better! What we eat is a choice many of us are lucky enough to have, and can be a concrete first step in healing and rejuvenating our lives: it can be the kick start to a more wholesome life.

Blessings to all and bushels of gratitude too!"

"Well long-time readers know I have been very ill for a long time - disablingly ill. It is a very complex situation and for quite awhile I was too ill to eat raw. A simple trip to the store would so exhaust me that my spinach would be wilted before I could wash it 3 days later. Even if I got up my legs ached so much that standing in the kitchen was not something I could sustain for more than a few minutes.

Well I am getting better - slowly, but I am I am!

Funny thing is that when I was closest to 100% I refused to eat any nuts. At work I really suffered and had to gorge myself every break. Well, now that I have equipment and have incorporated nuts I can really see going 100% much more easily. I made a corn-nut soup yesterday for lunch and it was so filling that my husband forgot about his SAD dinner! Our son is going on a month long vacation (his first) next week and so I will have one month to ply my husband with raw foods without my son insisting on teen foods - maybe convert hubby a little more?

In my case it seems that every time I conquer one health problem another serious one pops up so I think that the underlying cause might be enzyme deficiency and inflammation so I did want to have a garden this year but maybe I just need to concentrate on learning this new cuisine, my new equipment and how to store and organize the recipes in the computer that I still don't know how to use. (I did plant some stuff out front but digging the backyard is out of our reach physically.)

I am hoping to get physically well enough to possibly follow in Joz's footsteps or become a raw food chef locally or pioneer some raw fast food concepts for a chain eatery that is adapted to fresh and local. (So complex!) So I will have to find some way to prove that raw has made me well in order to qualify for financial aid if I do the fast raw eatery chain cuz this disability thing really shot my credit! It would be really nice to get lean and have muscle enhancement like I did first time raw - and I don't care if I'm over 50 - I want my Michelle Obama arms back! Ha ha!

Oh P.S. People like me really do need some leading. I first heard of raw foods back in 1980 when Dr. Gabriel Cousens moved to Arizona. But I knew no-one actually doing it so I just tried it by myself - all I ate was raw fruits and vegetables - it did not go well and I had to give it up."

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated!

Raw blessings,


  1. thank you so much! i never win anything so i'm shocked! and ever so appreciative.

    your biggest fan,

  2. How did you pick the winners?

  3. Hi Aimee,
    Glad you got to win this one! ;-)

    Thanks for bringing this up. I meant to mention it in my post and forgot. The winners were picked with the help of a random number generator.