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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recipe of the Week: Snowdrop's Blonde Fruitcake

I'm gonna cheat a little and share with you a recipe that I have yet to try, but is on my 'to-do list' for next week. I'm doing this as I have no doubt that it will be scrumptious, and wanted to make sure you'd get a chance to add it to your Holiday menu.

Snowdrop has once again put her Chef's hat on and has come up with a raw rendition of this festive treat. How about joining us this coming Thursday, as several of us on Raw Freedom Community will make this cake simultaneously as our next 'Project Raw Around the World'.

Snowdrop's Blonde Fruitcake
Posted by Snowdrop on Raw Freedom Community

Soak 1 hr:
¾ c dates (packed)
½ lemon juiced
½ orange juiced
2 t almond extract
pinch sea salt

Grind, sift, & set aside in bowl:
1 c almonds
1 c dry coconut shreds
½ c cashews

Fruit filling 1
Combine in any ratio to equal ¾ cup total your choice of the following dry fruits:
raisins, cherries apricots, pineapple, cranberry, currants, in similar size cuts

Soak ¼ c of fruit juice of your choice (or brandy, rum…) in the dehydrator for 1 hr

Fruit filling 2
1” fresh ginger root sliced & slivered
1 T lemon zest
1 T orange zest
2 T agave

Put in bowl in dehydrator for 1 hr

Candied Nuts
1/3 c walnut halves
1/3 c pecan halves
2 T maple syrup
½ t cinnamon
pinch sea salt

Toss in small bowl then put on teflex sheet in dehydrator for 1 hr

Lets put it together!

Cake: After the hour of soaking, take the ginger bowl & just drain the juices into the dates (set ginger citrus zest aside)…take the date mixture and blend into a smooth puree.

Pour into the ground nut mixture and stir lightly till combined. Set cake batter aside.

Fruit & Nuts: Drain the fruit and put onto cake ‘batter’, also add the ginger citrus zest. Set aside the nicest dozen pecan halves for the garnish and break up the rest of the nuts into the cake batter into small enough pieces. (Remember, if the nut pieces are too big… the knife will have trouble slicing the cake neatly… ask me how I know...)

Cake: Stir the additions lightly till combined then press into your 5-6” cake mold. (Use plastic wrap lining to make sure you can get it back out again.)

Plate your cake and decorate.

Snowdrop's Notes:
~ I used ground coconut & lemon zest powder with a little agave and enough water & 1 T coconut oil to make it workable... It's not a recipe that is perfected yet, but it worked well enough for tonite.

~ To make it a spiced cake, you have to add things like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger... to the nut flour before adding the wet ingredients so it gets mixed thoroughly.

Photo Credit
Fruitcake by Snowdrop

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  1. a fruitcake that looks good!

    i know this is an old post, but i'm a vegan looking into raw and i love your blog so much! so much amazing stuff. i have yet to get through it all! keep up the good work!