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Friday, November 9, 2007

Two Raw Divas, One Kitchen

What happens when 2 Raw Divas hang out together in a kitchen?

Hum, I dunno, but we'll soon find out! lol

If you're a regular of The Sunny Raw Kitchen, then you probably already know about my dear friend Heathy, aka Fairygirl. Heathy is a fantastic raw chef who has a home-based raw catering business in Ontario. (Lucky customers, I tell ya!)

We met almost a year ago on Raw Food Talk, over a thread about Russell James' fabulous Almond Bread. As you know, it takes one to know one, so we hit it off right away. Before long, Heathy and I were emailing each other and found out that we had a lot more in common than our passion for raw foods.

When she returned last summer from her adventures 'Down Under', we discovered 'chatting' (Man, you gotta love technology!) which took things to a whole new level; from helping us collaborate on my Best Of The Sunny Raw Kitchen" ebook, to exchanging uncooking tips and ideas, to discussing what's on the menu that day.

Anyhoo, you wouldn't believe the number of times we've talked about how we wished we could uncook together someday. A few days ago, Heathy suddenly decided she was coming to pay us a little visit. As you can imagine, I nearly fell off my chair at the news!

After all these months, I am still blown away by Heathy's talent and creativity, drooling over the creations that she's been sharing on Raw Freedom Community and via her blog. To think that the Raw Goddess herself will be moving about our kitchen for 9 days is beyond thrilling! To tell you the truth, I've been hardly sleeping ever since, imagining all the things we are gonna be able to prepare, and all the possibilities that this meeting holds.

Well, Heathy is just about packed, and things are going a hundred miles an hour here as we're preparing for her arrival on Monday.

Our plan? To uncook like fiends, eat like 'raw-yalty', drop by Chantale's raw deli in Nelson and host a potluck on Sunday the 18th. Oh, and of course, have a blast in the process! Maybe even do some inner work together too.

As always, it's hard to know for sure how things will unfold, but it is our intention to do some recipe testing for Heathy's upcoming (and much awaited!) dessert book, and to play around with new ideas for another joint recipe book project. We are so excited to see what the combination of our creative energies will bring about!

Just thought I'd share this fabulous news with you and, above all, let you know that you can expect to get a detailed account of our time together, with plenty of luscious pics!

In the meantime, here are a few creations by the one I've nicknamed 'The Raw Dessert Queen" to tempt you a little...

Chocolate Strawberry Crunch Cake

Chocolate and Vanilla Birthday Cake with Strawberry Frosting

See now why I can hardly wait!?! ;-)

I'll be keeping you posted, I promise!

All photos courtesy of Fairygirl/Heathy

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I can see why you can hardly wait! Those cakes look scrumptious! I think two raw divas in the kitchen is a very good thing. Enjoy!