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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Delightfully Raw in Utah: Part I

After spending over 4 weeks in Matt and Dawnen's yard just south of Walla Walla, we finally got back on the road and continued our journey south. Since the going is rather slow when pulling a 27' trailer I figured that we'd be ready to stop after 5 hours of driving. (And I was soooo right!)

We arranged to spend that first night parked in front of some strangers' house near Boise, Idaho. See I found out about something really neat called the Boondockers Welcome Club. For a very small fee you can join the Club and in return be able to communicate with other members and stay on their property for free. Pretty darn cool if you ask me! Our hosts lived in a quiet neighborhood so the next morning we were well rested and ready to make our way to our next stop.

Miraculous Soak
While scouting online for a place to camp I discovered that a slight detour from the main road would take us to one of the best hot springs in all of Idaho. Now you're talking! Not only does Miracle Hot Springs have several neat camping domes but it also has a little campground. Perfecto!

It was a short two hour drive, which was great as our plan was to arrive early so as to make the most of the hot springs. Lord knew I could use a good soak in healing waters with my kidneys hurting like they were. The weather was cool but none of that mattered once we were in! As a bonus since we camped there we received a free one hour session in a private pool. Yay!

We then went to the outdoor pools which varied in temperature. We stuck to the warm ones. ;-)

Donnie getting ready for a dip.

Soaking my health troubles away...

The camping domes

The next morning we continued our travels towards Utah. The drive was rather uneventful, other than my kidneys hurting badly, especially with all that bumpy sitting. Once we turned onto the I-84 E the sky suddenly got super interesting. I'd never seen anything like it! Don and I joked that some of the clouds looked like alien ships. ;-)

This next cloud formation was simply incredible!

If you look closely you'll see the sun disappearing behind the clouds and the upper right side showing the colors of the rainbow.

Woo hoo! I so love clouds!

Driving through Salt Lake City was super stressful. We suddenly found ourselves on 6 lanes and lots of traffic. Slow as we were we stuck to the right lane but it kept turning into 'exit only's. Eeek! Were we ever glad when we saw ours come up!

Visiting the Fox Family in Eagle Mountain
After a bit of a detour we thankfully made it safely to the Foxes, which we hadn't seen in nearly 2 years. Thomas is in the blender business. After selling various machines like Vita-Mix, Blentec and Waring, he turned his focus to the OMNI V 3 HP, an awesome high power blender a great deal more affordable. (You can learn more about the Omni here.)

Don, Thomas, Jasmine and Angelica

Their dog Coco is still as sweet as ever! She has calmed down a great deal since we were here last. Too bad Kyky couldn't be here too; the two of them got along fabulously!

Eagle Mountain is fairly high in elevation, and while there wasn't as much snow as last time we were here, the temperatures dropped to well below freezing at night. And so we gratefully accepted the warm bed that Angelica had made for us in their spare bedroom. It was also nice to be able to easily sneak in and keep Miss Puss company who was confined in the room - Coco can get so excited, you just never know! - rather than having to go over to the trailer. Jasmine LOVES cats so she made sure that Pu didn't get lonely.

I was a little concerned about how it would go around the table, with me having been on liquid foods for a week or so. So much for playing in the kitchen or even eating together, I thought. But I discovered that my digestion quickly improved while I was there. Yippee!

Some of the food we enjoyed...

My first solid food, Spring Rolls in rice paper, with just a teeny bit of Ginger Dipping Sauce went down fine. Woo hoo! And so I continued to expand my repertoire little by little.

Collard Wraps

Angelica was intrigued by Matthew's Hot & Cold Salad but felt intimidated by the many steps. I reminded her that it's mostly a bunch of chopping. It certainly helped to do all of the work together; between her, Don and I we had everything ready in a reasonably short time.

Our cold components were lettuce, arugula, spinach, basil, red and yellow bell peppers, celery, cucumber, tomato and a little green onion to sprinkle on top. Our hot components: cabbage, red onion, bok choi and carrots.

I thought we did a fine job; it was super delicious!

Here you can see how the salad sits in a warm broth. Yummo!

I was even able to have a bite of the lovely dessert Angelica made: my Cheesecake with Berry Sauce.

Coming up next: our adventures in St-George, Utah!

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