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Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to Our Raw Vee!

We're officially moved into our Raw Vee! Woo hoo!

It's been an intense last 10 days or so, as we've been getting settled in and beginning to tend to the trailer's (unfortunately many!) booboos. It seems that we keep discovering things that don't quite work, which is a bit of a bummer, but we remind ourselves that anything is better than our previous camping situation. After the van and the tent this baby feels like a real palace! ;-)

Without further ado, let me walk you through our new home on wheels...

I've already shown you the exterior in this post, but here she is again in her natural element.

It's a little hard to see, what with all the branches, but the slide is out. It makes such a huge difference in terms of space as it basically doubles the living area.

Here you can see the entrance and the hallway that leads to our bedroom. The door itself is yet another thing on the 'to fix' list, as the screen is missing from the bottom portion.

The hallway doubles up as part of the washroom with a sink and medicine cabinets, and to the left you can see the doorknob to the toilet and shower.


One of the cool things about it is the great big skylight above the shower. For now we're just using the latter as storage space.

Donnie, ever the handy man, fixing one of the blinds in our bedroom.

And now onto the more exciting area of our Raw Vee...

An overview from the hallway. You can't see it clearly but the ceiling is at an angle, the lowest part starting in the kitchen and going up all the way to the bedroom at the other end. It contributes to giving the trailer's interior a much more aerie and open feel.

Not surprisingly, when we were looking for a trailer, the kitchen was one of the most important factors. In that regard we feel like we've hit the jackpot! We wanted an end kitchen, as it is infinitely more roomy than a side one and offers a great deal more counter and storage space. We also bought a small kitchen island which gives us an even greater working area, so both Don and I can comfortably do food prep at the same time without bumping into each other. Yay!

The very first thing Don did once we moved in was to take out the microwave oven. When you live in a relatively small space every inch of potential storage counts, and we have no use for that 'evil' nuke machine! ;-) Now we just need to figure out where on earth is the dehydrator going to fit! lol Thankfully there's also plenty of storage compartments underneath the trailer so we can keep it there when we're not using it.

Unlike some other trailers we've looked at, the kitchen sink is double and quite big, which is awesome. The only disappointment is that the nice looking fairly large fridge doesn't work. ;-( These can be pricey to fix or to replace, so for now we're just using it as a cooler. A generous friend also gave us her small portable fridge which avoids us having to constantly walk back and forth to our friends' basement, where we have a full size one.

The eating/computer area and sofa. Both fold down into beds in case we have overnight visitors. Any takers?

Our reading and knitting corner.

We found a great footstool on sale at 90% off (!!!) It's already getting much use; not only do we get to stretch our legs but Puss has yet another comfy option to lay on.

In the photo below we were watching an awesome movie called 'African Cats', and for a while Pu was staring straight at the screen as though she was watching it too. lol. Of course, by the time Don got the camera out she had already changed her pose. Ah well... Oh, and did I mention that Raw Vee is utterly Puss approved? She adjusted instantly to her new home and just loves it!

And there you have it: our own little corner of paradise that we can take along on our next adventures! Woo hoo!

The weather's been miserably wet for the last several days and promises to remain so for most of the weekend, so we've been basically cooped up in here. A real good chance to get to know our new 'home sweet home'. ;-)

Hope you're all nice and cozy too, wherever you are!


  1. looks like fun! :)

  2. I am more interested than ever in getting either a van or a small RV for myself and my kitty to live in, looks so snug!

  3. How nice, I am so happy you guys have comfy place to stay in your travel and kitty to!

    Best of health to all.

  4. Adorable! Delighted you finally have a cosy home and those crazy, cramped, cold camping cooking days are over (I love camping for fun but you seemed to do an awful lot of if!)

  5. WOW! this is REALLY something Carmella ! GOOD for YOU ! this is something you guys should have done YEARS ago ! with all the moving you done over the years... why spend money on rent when you can take your house with you !

    this is the smartest thing you guys have ever done. now you can live anywhere you want to and you dont have to pack up and move..... AND ! you can get out of the bad weather when it comes.


    i wish you the best and safe traveling when you do. enjoy your new home !

    Kind regards

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing our excitement!

    Jill, go for it! You and kitty will love love it!

    I know... Now I'm wondering how we could ever manage without it for all those years! Guess we had to wait for the right time for it to manifest. At least our tenting adventures certainly make us appreciate the RV the more. ;-)

  7. There is nothing wrong with tenting but when it comes to having a place with 4 walls... nothing beats that. like i said... the best part is you dont have to pack your things when you want to move to somewhere else where the weather is better.... all you have to do is hitch up and drive.

    i have thought about doing it myself for years... but i am somewhat terrified of towing something so big. i know alot of people do... so it cant be rocket science. lol

    NOTHING beats taking your house with you.
    live where you want... when you want.... no landlords.... no mortage....no lousy neighbors..... and NO packing up.... just pick up and go.

    AND ! ....YOU'RE IN CHARGE !

    please report more on how you make out with your new home. maybe at some point i will be brave enough to learn how to tow so i can stop renting ... and get one to live in as well.

    i've been a drifter most of my adult life .... but always renting houses....i need to do what you have done.
    would be alot cheaper and smarter.

    take care and keep us informed.
    thanks for sharing

    Kind regards

    1. Yep, love love the feeling of not having to pay rent! I'll keep you guys posted! ;-)

  8. Can i ask you, how do you get internet in an RV? Is there satellite internet? Also, where do you park the RV? Isn't it expensive to park at an RV park?

    1. Right now we're parked on some friends' property so we run the internet via an ethernet cable. When on the road we'd have to stay at a campground that offers wireless or simply bring our laptop to the local library.

      And yes, campgrounds/RV parks can be very expensive but there are some that offer monthly rates which are a great deal more reasonable - although usually more crowded and in less of a 'natural' setting.

  9. I would enjoy living like this. Maybe one day I will have the chance...

    And I agree with Ann, lousy neighbours can really be a pain sometimes.. :-(