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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Winners of the Sunny Raw Vee Giveaway

Hi guys! *waving*

I know I've been awfully quiet lately, but what can I say? There hasn't been much happening at our end and I can almost count on the fingers of one hand the number of new dishes - mostly Russell James' desserts - that I've whipped up this summer. Nothing to do but rest up and watch all this uneventfulness unfold, eh?

Having said that, I do have something very exciting to share with you today!

If you remember, several weeks ago I told you about our "fun'raiser" to help us raise some money in order to purchase a used RV. Several friends and members of the health and raw community have generously donated a number of products that we offered as part of our Sunny Raw Vee Giveaway; from books to raw bars and even a brand new Omni blender!

Everyone who purchased one of Don's or my books from then until September 15th at midnight PST automatically received a free entry into our Giveaway. The winners were randomly selected by yours truly this morning, and oh-what-fun it was! Made me feel like Mother Christmas! ;-)

So without further ado, here are their names... *drum rolls please*

Susan Gava
Isabelle Martin
Life with Nature.com
Chris Cornutt
Brenda J Atwater
Joelle Garfinkel
Whole Life Coach
Beth Duncan
Diane McCann Matthews
Jessica Cappucci
Nick Skedgel
Camille Roberts
Jean Miller
Theodora Wallace
Brooke Smith
Suzanne Velie
Sharon Good
Alice Marsh
Coshana Fairhurst
George Demers
Faye Ketola

Congrats everyone! I will be contacting you shortly by email with the list of gifts to choose from, so please keep an eye on your inbox!

Don and I would also like to extend our heart felt thanks to all of you who have supported our Raw Vee venture via donations or by purchasing one of our products! You guys rawk!

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