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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Delightfully Raw Blog Reader Reward Sale

Something's been nagging at me for a while... I feel that the hard copy of my Delightfully Raw book is a little overpriced.

The reason why we set the price at $31.95 was based on a couple of factors:

1. We published it via a print-on-demand outfit. While this is super convenient (gone are the days when you had to find a publisher or come up with $25 000 to self-publish!), it also means that our cost per book is very high.

2.  In order to open the possibilities of selling our books in stores we had to take into account that they usually expect 30-40% off for wholesale. Eeek! Even at $31.95, we're only making a pittance!

I'd found ways to get around it by offering Delightfully Raw on sale for some time, but now that it's back to its 'normal' price, well, me no likey.

While the official in store retail price of Delightfully Raw must remain $31.95, from now on you will be able to purchase it on sale on my blog for $27.99. Call it my way of saying 'Thanks!' to you, my dear readers. ;-)

Also please note that for technical reasons, S&H during the check out process only apply to North America. For international orders, please send me an email!

To visit the Delightfully Raw's Sales Page

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