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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Raw Beauty Calendar and New Book Giveaway

Howdy everyone! I'm back! That wasn't too long this time, was it?

Oh my, what a welcomed change of weather; it's absolutely gorgeous and sunny where we are right now! Makes me wanna drop all the computer stuff and run outside! 

First I want to tell you about a couple of things before I do just that...

Raw Beauty Calendar 2011
Tanya Wood, a Montreal based artist, has put together a very unique and original calendar featuring 13 Real People Gone Raw. Tanya writes, "My goal with this project was to create something beautiful and honest that could help inspire greater health and well-being this coming year."

She asked her friend, photographer Nick Rudnicki, to help her make an eco-friendly calendar that would feature real raw foodies in the “raw”. The diverse group of participants, men and women aged between 18 and 62, represented in Raw Beauty 2011 showcases the idea that it's always the right time to begin gaining health and wellness. It also promotes to non-rawbies that anyone can add a little more raw to their lives.

Additionally, Raw Beauty 2011 features seasonal easy to prepare recipes that anyone can make. They call only for simple pure ingredients available in markets everywhere and use the most basic kitchen utensils (an ordinary blender or food processor are all you need).

I recommend you hop over to Raw Beauty 2011's website to find out more about it!

Delightfully Raw Giveaway
I'm happy to report that I'm making very good progress on my upcoming recipe book, Delightfully Raw: Recipes from Carmella's Sunny Raw Kitchen. I finished the front cover this morning and now just need to finalize the back cover and a few details like the index and page references. If all goes well, it should be available in electronic format any day. Hee hah!

I woke up in the middle of the night with my mind buzzing with ideas. (Gotta let all that creative flow come through when it's happening! hehe) It occurred to me that it would be good to include a few words/comments about me and my recipes in the new book. You know, to give people that aren't already familiar with what goes on in my Sunny Raw Kitchen a better sense of what they might expect.

Enters you, dear reader!

And what better way to do this than to have a giveaway?

All you have to do is write a few lines about me, my blog and/or my recipes and leave them either in this blog's comments section or in my inbox at sunnyrawkitchen(at)gmail(dot)com. Also please leave your name (it could be an alias if you feel more comfortable) and general location for me to add to the quote. For example: "Linda, Washington" or "Michael, New York".

I will pick my 3 favorite comments on Saturday morning. These contributors will receive a complimentary e-copy of Delightfully Raw.

I realize that it's a bit short notice; I should have thunk of that before, but hey. Hopefully it will still give you enough time to enter the giveaway! The winners will be announced here and on Raw Freedom Community on Sunday afternoon.

By the way, if any of you would be interested in reviewing Delightfully Raw on your blog, drop me a line at sunnyrawkitchen(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks guys for your help with this!


  1. The creators of the calendar have to seriously consider a male only and female only calendar.

    I appreciate the males in this calendar, but I wouldn't feel comfortable looking at naked men (with parts covered) for an entire month at a time - being that I'm a straight male.

  2. You and your raw blog has been a true inspiration for me.You have kindly shared wonderful out of this world recipes and the pictures have been really tempting as well. I love your blog!

  3. The thing I love about you're blog and it's recips are that they are real home foods. Most importantly they're are achievable - too much raw gourmet eludes us and neither can we live off a salad, even some gourmet are an aqquired taste I find.

    If it was a raw food world your recipes are the kind we'd be able to reminissing mother making in the kitchen. Easy but delicious staples with (of course) some fabulous treats.

    Living in the very north of England I also appreciate that the ingredients you use are accesible too, I can't say I've ever struggled to make one of your recipes. So if a fool like me can, theres a good chance for everyone else.

    Mel, England.

  4. You take your readers along with you on your adventures throughout the U.S. and Canada sharing your love of RAW food!

  5. The recipes, love and enthusiasm provided here are wonderful! I do not practice an exclusive raw diet, though I get excited to try each new recipe. I am regularly inspired by Carmella and her blog.
    Zia, Washington State

  6. Joanne from San DiegoNovember 3, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    I recently became a raw foodist and your blog has helped me discover new foods that I've never eaten before in my 32 years of living. Thank you for making it easy for a busy person like me to make delicious raw food!

  7. Our family appreciates your Blog. We, with a huge cheer from my five kido's, love your sweet deserts. We as a family are about 80% raw and so on our way thanks to your site. We started with the deserts and salads to get going and now we are onto the main meal. So thanks tons for this site and for sharing yourself with all of us!

  8. Dear Carmella,

    I love your generous and easygoing approach to food and life. I also like that you explain why you included or eliminated ingredients in a dish, enabling the reader to also adapt recipes to their own taste. I appreciate your creative photography, especially the sweet shots of your treasured furries! You have inspired me to also partake of this deliciously healthful and kind diet. I have been sprouting, juicing and dehydrating for the past year or so - thanks for being such a good influence on my life!

  9. Carmella, I absolutely love your blog. One day (not too long ago) I was searching and searching for any and everything online that could help inspire me to change my way of eating. I stumbled upon your blog and I am an avid reader of it now. I love all of the recipes, photos and variations you include in your posts. This has not been an easy journey for me to start, but every time I have a doubt about staying on the raw food diet I go to your blog and it truly inspires me. A big pit fall of mine was I LOVED sweets, but with all of the AMAZING dessert recipes you post all I have to do is go to your blog, and pick one of the awesome recipes you have posted and I am completely satisfied! I love your blog, and look forward to every post you make :)

  10. Carmella,
    I live vicariously through your blog :)
    I enjoy being able to see what others are doing in the raw food communities via your visits with them in your travels. And your recipes are gems! I absolutely adore the love and detail that you put into each one...we eat with our eyes first and your recipes are certainly "eye candy," always followed by taste bud approval!
    You inspire me daily :)
    Stacy in Lancaster, PA

  11. Carmella,
    I'm a very visual person and so your blog is a feast for the eyes. I love the recipes, and I love the pictures. You take very sharp photos that showcase the food so well I often feel myself getting hungry right then and wondering if I have all the ingredients needed to whip up that particular recipe right on the spot.
    The thing is, you post good food that looks amazing and is practical. I follow alot of raw blogs and have quite a number of raw (un)cookbooks, but your blog really is my favorite inspiration. I would love to review your newest ebook on my blog~
    Double D Ranch
    Washington State

  12. This blog, and this blog alone has single handedly sparked my inner most desires in living foods. From the moment I began reading this blog, I was instantly captivated and curious about raw foods and their benefits. Not only has your blog helped my interest, but many others that I have shared this blog with as well. Now, consuming a high raw diet, I spend most of my time on the internet passing along recipes I find in the many Raw communities I belong to, onwards to loved ones that have also caught the bug. :) I absolutely adore experimenting with living foods and various means of preparation I once feared. I don't believe mere words could describe how deeply you have enriched my life, but from the depths of my soul, thank you. You, Don, and your little bundles of fluff and cuteness are remarkable and inspiring. I truly thank you for opening up such a beautiful and fruitful world to me.

    Warmest regards,
    Stephanie, Ontario

  13. Your blog is the first blog on raw food I found. I remember reading about a cake that seemed so far from what I normally thought of as cake that I was scared as heck! Now after a few years I have come back to your recipes again and again because they balance ease and gourmet flare that I appreciate in my eating. I just made your cheese today and in the D are the pizza crusts you shared with us in Seattle.

    Looking forward to your book!

  14. This is my first visit to your site. There is a wealth of raw food information here to help me stay on the path. I have been raw for about 6 weeks now and am just beginning to experiment with more raw creations. Thank you!
    ~ Joff

  15. The Sunny Raw Kitchen is the only raw food blog you'll ever need to sign up to. The one word that would accurately describe this site ought to be 'Zen'. You will sense the spiritual ora that emanates from the stories and the pictures so generously shared by Carmella. There are so many various recipes on this blog that you are bound to find everything you seek, right here. The recipes are wholesome and the pictures are wonderful. Carmella's comments are always helpful and the results are delightful. Once you've signed up, you'll inevitably look forward to her next update. Thank you Carmella for sharing these so graciously with us.

  16. That calendar is beaaautiful! I wish I could be IN it!

    I love your blog and am a long time reader. Your recipes are delicious, the photos are always so tempting, and I love seeing and hearing about your journeys with your critters. It's so cute to see them going along with you! Not to mention it's very inspiring and impressive how much you manage to "cook" up on the road!

    Lorra, Vancouver, BC.

  17. Your blog rescued me in my time of need :)) I had injured my knee six months ago and was house bound. Just as I was introduced to RAW food, a friend led me to your blog and I was hooked. Besides saving me from gaining TONS of weight (which has allowed me to pass on my new passion for RAW food to others who have witnessed this), you helped me make this a way of life. You make doing things in the kitchen interesing and fun (mom thanks you, heehee). Thru your guidance, I've learned how to play and experiment with tastes (I now actually have a spice cabinet). I look forward each week to reading about the new recipe and adventure and seeing the pictures(GREAT visuals)! Thank you and look forward to many more!!
    Los Angeles

  18. Dear Carmella!

    I absolute adore all the work that you have put in this blog/book. This blog/book is for readers who prefers food that in one way is easy to make, and in another way looks astonishing, delicat and not at all raw. You do not need to be an 100 % raw foodist, but you can still make all the wonderful recipes for all of your guests to enjoy, taste, smell and it is all so pleasable to all kinds of tastebuds. Give it a try and you feel absolute in love with the new way of life.

    Hold on and let the food RAWk your world!

    Karina, Denmark

  19. Carmella,

    Your blog was one of the first raw food blogs I ever read, I loved it since the first day because of the beautiful photos and yummy recipes you share. Indeed, your e-book "The Best of Raw Freedom Community" was my first raw recipe book and is the one that I uses the most! I love the recipes and the amazing things that you can prepare with simple ingridients!

    Thanks for sharing and for being such an inspiration for all of us!

    Lau-raw from Mexico!

  20. Carmella,
    I loved all your recipes right from the start. I have yet to be disappointed in any of your recipes and your photos are so beautiful. It was such a delight to make your Toona
    and be overjoyed with happiness at how good it was! You make everything so simple too. As Angela says- Yummers!!!
    Marty, Wisconsin

  21. Hi Carmella,
    It was through the law of attraction that connected me to your site! I have been a Vegan for over 19 years and now a raw foodie for over 3 months. I was exploring the internet to find easy to make recipes that my whole family would enjoy. Let me say that I found the mother lode of the most awesome recipes right here on your site. I just didn’t know where to start or which one to make first. My family and I have enjoyed every recipe that I have tried. I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book, I will be among the many who will cherish and savor every recipe. Thank you for making a difference in everyone’s life! <3
    Karolynn in Ridgecrest

  22. Carmella! Your blog is my favorite! Why? Because you educate about healthy raw (which is more of a challenge than the overly "nutty" kind of raw) and you put so much effort into making your recipes exact! I always know I can peruse your index (and your fabulous raw ebooks that I ordered awhile back: Best of The Sunny Raw Kitchen and Best of RFC), get excited about a new recipe, and know that it will come out perfectly! Now that's something:)
    Love, Sarah, Los Angeles

  23. Dear Carmella,

    Your blog was I have to say the very first raw food blog I came across when I really started to get captivated by the raw food movement over two years ago. At which the beginning of this year I became high raw. I love reading about the adventures, stories, all the helpful tips and off course looking at all the wonderful pictures of the food you creature and along with them the recipes, for which are practical, healthy, delicious and always have helpful tips to make it easy to make or change to personal taste. I have found many recipes that have now become my faves through the blog and continue to come back for new recipes to try or inspiration when making up my own recipes or tweaking other recipes that are similar, as I love to experiment when it comes to food. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

    Meghan, Calgary, AB

  24. You make raw food so accessible! You're photos are beautiful and always inspire me to try something new. Thank you for your work enthusiasm.

    Lisa, California

  25. Carmella, Sunny Raw Kitchen has been such a delightful blessing for me in these past couple years since I became a raw foodist. I keep coming back to the recipes thanks to the variety, strong visuals, and doable instructions. Always natural, warm, and bright, you are the perfect guide on raw cuisine adventures! I love your wise expertise and moxie to explore- which enables me to achieve delectable raw creations. What an amazing gift!

  26. Carmella's blog, website and wonderful recipes bring me to what makes ALL "cooking" so wonderful for me...The Joy! These recipes bring me back time and time again to my love of food and to the absolute joy of experiencing the beauty and soul nourishment of food.

    It brings me to the joy of raw food, not the drudgery or why I "should" be raw. There is not a feeling of self-righteousness, preachy-ness, or rigidity. It is about celebration...about sharing...about JOY!

    It is one of the reasons I love being raw and that my love of preparing food for my friends, family, and self still inspire me as I cook and fill me with JOY!

    Dr. Kat Bowie
    Kansas City, Missouri USA

  27. We have access to the whole range of veggies and fruits on our organic farm, but our preparation of them was always very traditional. The Sunny Raw Kitchen opened us up to a truly holistic and healing way of eating, and our kids beg us to make these RAW-GONE GOOD recipes. Carmella's style of writing and relating to raw food makes us feel like she's a neighbor, and more importantly, makes us want to eat raw. Thanks to the Sunny Raw Kitchen, our family is on a road of health, joy, and dang good eatin'! Aimee

  28. Carmella's recipes have opened up a new world of live food cuisine for me. Her food is beautiful and tastes great. I can't wait to see the new cookbook.

    Nancy from New Jersey

  29. You and this blog are an inspiration, having been one of the first resources for "do-able" raw foods that I was lucky enough to find. Thank you so much for continuing to share your spirit and gifts!

  30. Hi!
    I just started to eat raw 90% (althought my taste buds doesn't respond much anymore to cooked food), and your blog helps me with inspiration to Create beautifully nutritious dishes. Congratulations for your helpful work!

    Greetings from Brazil.

  31. L-O-V-E your blog. I am "aspiring" raw, studying, and eating ALOT of raw these days. I find that you have the most interesting recipes so that my family and I are not bored or turning up our noses saying "Yech!" like 5-yr olds are prone to do!
    Thanks again & much love and light!
    Kenya, from Jersey ;)