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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walking In Beauty

Oh how I love summertime! Everything is so lush, colorful and alive! I feel so humbled by the beauty of Nature; as I contemplate its untamed magnificence, I am reminded that there is an Energy-Behind-All-Things and that It is intrinsically Good.

As always, technological devices - though fancy as they may be - can only capture a fraction of the true magic and beauty that lay in front of our eyes. In spite of these limitations, one keeps on trying... ;-)

Flower Power
This first set of photos was taken last spring, shortly after returning to Canada. We arrived just in time to see the Okanagan Sunflowers - the official floral emblem of Kelowna - in full bloom. 

We walked a popular trail overlooking Okanagan Lake and were surrounded by fields of them!

More lovely flowers we've admired... 


Purple Iris

Yellow Iris

Sorry, don't know the name of this one...


Delphiniums of the most vibrant blue hues I'd ever seen!

Astilbe flowers: so delicate and ethereal!

I also witnessed a sunflower - as you've probably guessed, one of my personal favorites - slowly waking up to Life.

See the two spiders on its petals?

Hummingbird Magic
Keeping with the theme of birth and awakening, one afternoon I discovered a teeny hummingbird on a branch just above my head. I stayed there motionless for a while, not wanting to scare him away but after a few minutes I realized that he didn't seem to mind. I decided to take a chance and grab my camera (the van was parked just a few feet away!)

This photo shows where he was in relation to the nest. As you can see he was getting his wings ready for the big take off.

Here's a closer shot of the nest. To give you an idea of the scale, the entrance's diameter is no bigger than a quarter!

Meet the cute little fella with his spanking new feathers.

I somehow remembered that there's a video function on our new camera (Yay!), just in time to film him stretching and washing himself.

Amazingly, I'd managed to get a couple of shots of mama feeding him earlier. One of those hold-your-breath magical moments!

The next morning I found him a couple of branches higher than than the day before. If you look carefully you'll notice his mama staying close by (towards the top of the picture).

A few hours later he had left the familiar surroundings of the nest and its tree for good. It made me appreciate even more how special the encounter was.

Ahhhhhh, Life and its blessings!

Hope you too are walking in beauty wherever you are!


  1. Wow, what breathtaking views! I feel like going on a camping adventure soon now, thanks to you! Yippee!

  2. I just love viewing your bolg, it is like one of those magnificent coffee table books!!
    Did you notice that spider trying to steal the show in your hummungbird video?? He crawled along the lower branch at least twice. That baby bird is adorable, thanks so much for sharing your lovely sights. I can only dream of seeing such beauty!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  3. Thanks for the kind comments; I'm glad you're enjoying those snippets of beauty too!

    Yes I did notice the little guy in the video... Almost said something about it but then decided to keep the focus on the main star. ;-)

  4. Oh wow... Hummingbirds are truly magic ~§~