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Thursday, December 4, 2008

RFC is Having its Second Holiday Draw!

I love giving things away; be it clothes that I no longer wear or bringing a piece of my latest raw dessert creation for the neighbors to enjoy. As much as it's fun to be at the receiving end, the sheer pleasure of putting a smile on someone's face, well, feels so darn good!

And now 'tis the season to do just that!

With the Holidays quickly approaching, my forum, Raw Freedom Community, is holding its second Holiday Draw. The perfect excuse to have some fun and play Santa. Yay!

You could get the chance to win one of the following amazing prizes:

~ 1 Lexen Healthy Juicer - An easy and effective manual juicer that does a particularly fabulous job with wheatgrass and leafy greens, courtesy of 877MyJuicer.com*

~ 3 x $25 gift certificates from one of the following:
  • Amazon
~ 6 copies of Carmella's The Best of The Sunny Raw Kitchen ebook

~ 4 copies of The Best of Raw Freedom Community ebook, including some of the best recipes from my and Heathy's Two Raw Divas, One Kitchen Adventures

~ 4 copies of Heathy's brand new 'Just Desserts' recipe ebook, courtesy of Heathy

~ A one-year subscription to Purely Delicious magazine*

~ A copy of 12 Steps to Raw by Victoria Boutenko, courtesy of Jozzie

~ A copy of Tonya Kay and Joanna Steven's new ebook RAW NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS II - SPRING ATHLETE’S DIET , courtesy of Velvet

* for US residents only

OK. Here's how it's gonna work...

The Tickets
Tickets are available at the cost of 99 cents each or 5 for $3 until December 18th at midnight, PST.

You can pay via Paypal. If you don't already have an account, you can set one up here. It's easy and it's free!

All proceeds will go towards the maintenance and improvement of RFC's site.

The Draw
Starting December 19th, we'll be drawing tickets, then emailing the winners with the updated list of prizes to choose from. We'll keep doing that until all prizes are accounted for.

Results will be announced in RFC's Forum Announcement section and this blog.

A'right! Sounds good? Then let's do it!

Number of Tickets

IMPORTANT! When purchasing your tickets, please specify your RFC or Blogger username in the appropriate box as it is the name that will be posted in the announcement.

A special thanks to all of our generous contributors and Happy Holidays to you all!



  1. What a neat idea!

    I just posted this on Gone Raw.

    What time zone is "Dec 18th at midnight"?

  2. Thanks K&M!

    Hum, good point! We'll go with Pacific Time.

    Also, please take note that I just added the option of purchasing 5 tickets for $3.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. What a great way for us to give back to the community with this nifty draw!

  4. What an awesome idea! I want to purchase tickets for the draw but I'm not quite sure what is meant by;
    IMPORTANT! When purchasing your tickets, please specify your RFC or Blogger username in the appropriate box as it is the name that will be posted in the announcement.

    Where is the box you're referring to Carmella?


  5. Hi Michelle! So glad you're joining us for the fun. ;-)

    During the payment process, you'll see a little box where you can write a comment. I know that some people prefer that their real name doesn't get published on the net...

  6. Thanks Carmella, Now I understand. I'm off to order tickets!! :)

  7. Oooops, I was so eager to enter I didn't get to the note about putting your name in the comment section.. but it's totally cool to use my real name.. I like stalkers! I also like raw food stuff giveaways!

  8. Just stumbled upon your site looking for some winter treats and read an old post. Looks like you've got lots of fun things going on here!

  9. Okay, I just entered, and for got to do the "IMPORTANT" part. So, now what do I do? Sorry, I'll blame holiday stress.

  10. No problem, Aimee. Just send me an email at sunnyrawkitchen@gmail.com with the paypal address you used.

  11. Fun idea, I'm in! Lovely blog as well.