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Monday, May 5, 2008

Recipe of the Week: The Perfect Chocolate Bar

Bet the title got your attention, eh? It got mine too! ;-)

I didn't get a chance to play with chocolate at Easter (unlike last year's
Choc-A-Fest), but I sure am making up for it now! During the week, rawererin shared on Raw Freedom Community what she thought might very well be "the perfect chocolate bar". Didn't take much convincing for me to go ahead and see for myself. And you know what? She wasn't kidding. Chocolate lovers beware... this is total heaven in your mouth!

The Perfect Chocolate Bar
Posted by rawererin on Raw Freedom Community

OMG - it is so good! Not too dark-chocolatey, I think this is the closest I've ever come to raw milk chocolate, sweet enough, smooth...
The recipe is really simple, and I'm not to sure I was even that creative with it... here you go though...

1/2 C Coconut oil
1/2 C Cacao powder
1/2 C Maple syrup (the more I use this the more I have found that it really compliments chocolate so well!)
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 C Chopped almonds

Blend liquid ingredients until super smooth. You can add more sweetener or more chocolate to suit your tastes.

Transfer mixture to separate bowl and stir in chopped almonds. (Feel free to add other goodies...coconut, berries, etc)

Spread on a plastic wrap lined plate or dish and place in freezer to cool.

Carmella's Notes:
~ I used less maple syrup as I prefer it not too sweet. Yum! Yum! Yum!

~ You can score the chocolate with a cookie or pizza cutter after about 1/2 an hour to 1 hour after it's been in the freezer or break into pieces once fully set.

Still don't know what to offer for Mother's Day? Coming up next on The Sunny Raw Kitchen is a feature on raw chocolate candy making!

Gotta go, my chocolate smeared Vitamix is calling my name... ;-)


  1. Yum! I haven't experimented with chocolate yet, but I am glad to see something that is more milk chocolatesque. I just keep bookmarking your great recipes! Thank you.

  2. um, I have all of these ingredients, and I'm going to try this RIGHT NOW!!! thank you!

  3. I love your blog and look forward to enjoying your refreshing style and cuisine as often as possible.

    I just made your simple and delicous chocolate with almonds and had some trouble with the maple syrup separating during the chilling process. Did you stir it one last time as it was firming up? A bit of the syrup ended up at the bottom still in it's liquid state, but after mopping it up, the chocolate was excellent.

  4. This recipe looks heavenly, as always, thank you for the raw inspiration!

  5. Thanks girls! This recipe is truly a yummylicious one! ;-) Hope you enjoy it!

    Hum... *scratching her head* I have no idea why the maple syrup separated as it did. I've had a similar thing happen with coconut oil when I over processed it, but never with sweetener. The only thing I can think of is that you didn't process the mixture enough. I did mine in the Vitamix for about 15 to 30 seconds.

    Hope you you find out the culprit...

  6. I have all of these ingredients at home! I'm so excited to give it a go once I get there.

  7. That looks amazing. I can't wait to make it this weekend.

  8. Hi!

    This sounds really good! I have a problem using maple syrup though, as it is not raw, and recently read some things about agave that makes me question its raw clain as well. Could I use raw yacon syrup, honey, or maybe date paste???


  9. Greengirl!

    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier on this... I asked the creator of the recipe for her thoughts on the matter. We basically both agree that honey or yacon syrup would probably work, although it might alter the flavor a bit. Definitely worth a try!

    As for dates, I must say I've tried some truffle recipes using dried fruits as sweetener and to me, it doesn't do it. *shrug*

    Good luck with your choco-experiments!

  10. The taste of the chocolate was amazing, but it didn't freeze and harden completely for me. Has anyone else had this happen? Any tips?

  11. thanks for the recipe! it's given me some great ideas!

  12. thanks for the recipe! it's given me some great ideas!

  13. I tried this except it did not freeze. That doesn't surprise me because maple syrup is not supposed to freeze. I don't know how yours manage to freeze.

  14. I was wondering what kind of maple syrup do you recommend =) ?

  15. It doesn't really matter, although the higher the grade, the more goodies in it. ;-)