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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Taking Flight

Can't believe it's going on 2 months since our new forum, Raw Freedom Community, has opened its doors! Wow! Between recipe testing, forum posting, and the release of my ebook, 'The Best Of The Sunny Raw Kitchen', there hasn't been enough hours in the day, and I have totally lost track of time! Anywho, I thought I was due to bring you up to date as to what all has been going on there lately.

Our little on-line community has taken flight! Yippee! RFC now has over 100 members, but more importantly, there is a growing sense of friendship and cooperation. (Read this awesome post about lessons we can learn from geese in that regard!)

It's really starting to feel like the 'home away from home' that we were envisioning. Such a beautiful gathering of people, it makes me shiver at the possibilities that lay ahead...

The Dessert Queen Is Back!
Speaking of our members, Fairygirl/Heathy is back from her journey 'Down Under'. She's been sharing her latest rawesome creations with us (including lots of pics!) Some serious drooling material over on the 'Photo Only' thread, I tell ya!

Her return couldn't be more timely as she was able to contribute a number of dessert recipes for my ebook, to be released next week.

In fact, RFC has been growing in every sense of the word. We have been adding awesome new sub-forums and it's only the beginning...

Holistic Parenting
Mamas and papas can now exchange and learn about all-things-kids in a huge new section called 'Raw Freedom Kids - A Holistic Approach To Parenting'. What was intended as a small 'Raw Kids' sub-forum actually developed into a fantastic resource that addresses everything from alternative education, to nutrition, to natural birthing and more.

This project was made possible thanks to two wonderful moms, Raw Vegan Mama and RawJules, who have been so inspiring and full of exciting ideas. What a pleasure it's been to work with them on this project! This is really their 'baby', so to speak; I was only the facilitator in helping delivering it. lol

Food For Thought
Is the food you eat as healthy and nourishing as you think it is? Did you know that most salts, including the highly regarded 'Himalayan Salt', contain toxic excipients (flow agents)? Or have you ever wondered 'Why Even Raw Organic Isn't Enough' ? Find answers to these questions and more in our new Nutrition Awareness Central section; a place to learn and share about diet and the worsening food crisis, and help one another find practical solutions.

Going Green
We are also exploring the possibilities of adding one or two more forums to RFC; an Environmental/Green section as well as a Self-Sustainable Lifestyle section. If you are interested in participating in the creation of either of these or perhaps to just give us a hand in the brainstorming phase, see these threads:

What's Up?
We've just created 2 new portal pages in order to make navigation around Raw Freedom Community easier and help you find out at a glance what is going on in your favorite corners: one for the 'Sunny Raw Community Kitchen' and one for the 'Raw Freedom Kids' section. These can be accessed either via the Site Navigation links on RFC's main portal page or via the following links:

And The Winners Are...
Don and I felt that both Erica's Fajitas and Joz's Lemon Poppy Seed Cake recipes deserved the grand prize for the recent 'Recipe Of The Month' Contest .

They have been tailing each other all along and they are both fabulous recipes which embody what raw food prep is all about: creativity and deliciousness.

So congrats you two! You can each expect to receive a copy of Fairygirl's raw dessert recipe book as soon as it is released!

In fact, we've realised that we don't resonate much with the idea of having 'winners' and 'losers' and the whole competitive game. So we've come up with a much better system for contributing recipes that will allow everybody to win! I'll be outlining our exciting new project in my next post so stay tuned for all the details!

I guess that's all the big news in a nutshell.

If you haven't already, drop by for a visit at:

Photo Credits
flying geese 2 by willhausen
Layer cake with strawberry frosting by Fairygirl
like a record... by shoothead
haul from the farmer's market by Splat Worldwide
Fajitas by Erica of SchoolofRAWk

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