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Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Kitchen Gadgets

You may have noticed a few recent changes around the Sunny Kitchen lately; all aimed at helping you find your way more easily around this site.

Recipe Index Revisited
In addition to the newly added Recipe Index being organized alphabetically, by categories as well as by blog posts, you can now see at a glance whether recipes are 'dehydrator-free' or 'dehydrator-friendly'.

Googling the Kitchen
Can't remember which post talked about dehydrating temperatures? Wondering whether I've already discussed feeding raw foods to our animal friends? Or perhaps you have a bunch of ripe tomatoes sitting on your counter and would like to see if there's any interesting recipe ideas floating around this blog. You can now do a search of the SRK's archives through a Google Search Engine. Simply type in what you're looking for and hit the button!

Playing Tags
What's with the list of Technorati tags appended at the end of each post? In case you aren't already familiar with Technorati tagging, here's how it works. A Technorati tag is a "keyword or category used to describe the subject matter or topic of a blog post." Say you were interested in the category "raw recipes." By clicking on that particular tag, not only will you be given a list of all the relevant posts on The Sunny Raw Kitchen labeled "raw recipes", but you can see all the blogs registered with Technorati having posts discussing "raw recipes" as well. Technorati is what's known as a "blogosphere search engine," giving you an inside glimpse into the ever-growing 'blogworld'. Man, you just gotta love technology (when it's working! LOL)

To learn more about Technorati tags, you can visit this blog.

Cheesecake Home Delivery
One more thing before I go off on today's uncooking spree. Speaking of technological glitches, for some mysterious reason, Feedblitz (the service that I use for notifying subscribers of new posts on The Sunny Raw Kitchen), was experiencing some trouble last night. As a result, those who have subscribed to this blog did not receive an email informing them of yesterday's post on Raw Cheesecakes. All you have to do is keep scrolling down to submerge yourself into "Healthy Decadence" or access the post from the archives in the sidebar. (And don't you worry, I kept you a nice, big piece...)

Oh, and while on the topic of Feedblitz subscriptions, a few of my readers have mentioned to me how they have signed up, yet haven't been receiving any email notifications. As I was saying, it's good to keep in mind that computers aren't infallible. Also remember that the Feedblitz registration is a two-step process. Once you have filled in your email address in the appropriate box, keep a close eye on your inbox. You should receive an email (usually within minutes) asking you to confirm your subscription. If you don't, you might want to check your SPAM folder, in case it was sent there. I know it's a bit of a drag, but the idea is to avoid other people signing you up for blogs you're not interested in (or worse, never even heard of!) If you are still experiencing difficulty, it might be a good idea to just try signing up again.

Have a good one everyone!

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