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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Sunny Raw Kitchen Gets Back on the Road... Again!

I was telling you in a recent post that the time had come for us to start thinking about where we'll be spending the winter months. Thankfully Mr. Sun has returned and promises to hang around for another while but still, we know that soon it will be too cold for us to stay comfortably up here in the trailer.

While tossing around ideas with Don about our next step it came to me to put it out there, and once again involve you in the process. After all, it's a similar post that sent us on our amazing journey all around the US 3 years ago! In the course of our first Sunny Raw Kitchen Tour, we drove nearly 13,000 miles through 6 Canadian provinces and 18 states. The kindness and generosity of readers of my blog and members of Raw Freedom Community made this trip possible; we had the privilege of staying in over 20 different homes along the way, becoming part of their lives for a short time.

Back on The Road
It's looking like we'll be once again taking our Sunny Raw Kitchen on the road around the end of October. We've only just begun to give this some thought, but the tentative plan is that we and Miss DaPuss would travel south in the US with our new RawVee.

As always, we like to stay as open and fluid as possible, and leave things up to The Mystery. Therefore we have no fixed itinerary, as that will take shape according to the winks we get from Life and the responses from you guys. All we know is that we'll most likely make our way down to the south western US from the end of October until April-May. We'll be looking for suitable place(s) to park our trailer for anywhere from a few days to a few months. This is where you guys could potentially come in...

In a nutshell, our general idea would be to visit some of you folks and create raw magic together. There are so many possibilities we can play with; from uncooking blitzes and sharing insanely delicious raw foods, to things like feasting at raw restaurants, food prep demos, potlucks or book signing events.Yummyness all around!

All we would need is a bit of property, a large yard or driveway to set up our RawVee, with hopefully the possibility of water and electric hook up. Otherwise we're pretty much self-sufficient. (Ahhhh, the beauty of having a home-on-wheels! Yay!) Of course we're also open to staying inside your home if that's more convenient, as long as we can find a place to park the trailer somewhere in the meantime. Or perhaps you'd like for us to get together and know about a good campground or RV park nearby? Like I said, we're very flexible. ;-)

A Little Bit About Us
Between this blog and our forum, Raw Freedom Community, I'm sure you have/can get a pretty good sense of what we're about, but just for the sake of making things easier for those of you who aren't yet familiar with us...

Our names are Carmella and Don, and we've been dedicated to living a healthier, ever growing and more fulfilling life together for the past 12 years. This has included eating mostly raw and living foods. Besides being the author of this Sunny Raw Kitchen blog, I have released four raw recipe books: The Best Of The Sunny Raw Kitchen, The Best of Raw Freedom Community, Delightfully Raw and Deliciously Raw.

In addition to our central passion for self-knowledge/personal growth, some of our specific interests and expertise include:
  • Vipassana meditation
  • the Five Tibetan Rites
  • freeing/purifying our body/minds
  • building harmonious relationships and community
  • simple living in harmony with Nature
  • raw food prep, from simple everyday meals to gourmet feasts
  • kombucha tea brewing
  • sauerkraut making
  • sprouting
  • organic gardening
  • alternative building

How Do We Propose To Go About The Whole Thing?
In light of all this, for those of you who might be interested in participating in the next phase of our rawdventures, simply send us an email with the subject line “Sunny Raw Kitchen Tour 2012” at:


Please bear in mind that while you may know heaps about us, we, on the other hand, haven't had a chance to 'meet' most of you (albeit in a virtual way), so a few words about you would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Also, you might want to let us know such details as your location and perhaps what you have in mind.

We'll then be contacting you in order to further explore the possibilities together, and once it starts shaping up, a tentative itinerary will be posted here.

Looking forward to spending time with some of you guys!

 P.S.You can read about our previous adventures across North America here:

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