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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will You Help Me Win The Contest?

Today my friend Thomas Fox of 3blenders.com is officially launching an Omni Video Contest. He has invited his affiliates to make videos featuring the Omni and upload these on You Tube. Thinking that this was a brilliant idea, Don and I enthusiastically jumped into this project and managed to create a grand total of 9 short vids (Yah, I know! Like I said we were pretty enthusiastic! lol) in which I demo all kinds of scrumptious raw recipes that can be prepared quickly with the help of, you'll have guessed it, a blender. Starting today I'll be posting a new Raw in a Flash video every few days on my blog for the next coming weeks.

"How can you help," you ask?
The winners will be determined by the number of visitors a participant's video(s) receive between August 15 and November 15, 2012. These are cumulative, so in other words, it's the total visitors to all of my videos combined that matters.

So it would be really awesome if you could take a few minutes each week to sit down and watch my Omni Contest videos. It is my hope that you'll find these a valuable use of your time, as I've made a point to select especially yummy recipes that are super simple to prepare and that you can easily include in your daily routine. Hopefully you'll be tempted to recreate some of these at home and maybe even learn a trick or two from the ton of information and tips that I share during these short demos.

Vegan Tarragon & Mustard Cheeze
"Where can you find the videos?"
They will be featured prominently on my blog between now and November 15th. I'll be posting my second one of the series - a Vegan Tarragon & Mustard Cheeze - shortly after I publish this post. (I've already shared the first vid - Strawberry Banana Shake - a few weeks back.) You can also visit my YouTube Channel directly here. Even better, if you haven't already, you can subscribe to my Sunny Raw Kitchen Channel and be the first to know when a new video is up!

And don't forget to share the videos' links with friends and family if you think that they might be of interest to them!

My Other Omni Contest Videos


A Little About The Omni
I guess it's no big secret that I'm thrilled that there's a solid high power blender alternative to the more common Vitamix and Blendtec's Total Blender. Not because these don't do a fine job, but because they leave a great big gaping hole in your budget.

At $279 (including free US shipping), the Omni 3 HP blender costs significantly less than similar machines and yet yields a comparable performance.

Some Omni facts:
  • Electronic like the Blendtec but much simpler to use
  • Substantially quieter at 85 db
  • Somewhat slower RPM means thorough emulsification requires a bit more time than the competition, and for that the motor should experience less stress/longer life
  • Comes standard with the 64 fl oz square container and a food tamper
  • Has a six blade system
  • Comes with a 7 year warranty on parts and labor for the motor/base and 1 year on the drive socket, container and blade assembly
As Don points out in his Kitchen Blender Value Review, "clearly the Omniblend V is the substantial Value King as it is about equal to the competition in functionality and expected durability for a much lower cost."

Finally the Omni also comes with a free copy of a raw recipe book that I've written especially for it: Deliciously Raw. (That's how impressed I am with its performance!)

Thanks in advance guys for your help with this! You all rawck!


  1. As the cheeze sets your sun rises, dear C. Grateful again for your demo. From the land of the world famous hard Cheddar cheese here in Somerset, England I often,waltz past the delis displaying a whole family of herb speckled, olive, sunny toms cheeses and reminisce of my childhood dairy pantry. That is the versatility of your creation, I added a puff of tumeric cloud for extra mellow yellow cheddariness and it brought your colours to my black and white cow corner of our world where we much need your sunshine on another grey shade of Englush summer. Smile for all of us sun worshippers. Thank you with love...and pickles xxx

    1. Thanks for your sweet, kind words, moonkitty! I'm so glad I've managed to send some happy foodie sunshine your way! ;-)

      In light,