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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Giveaway of Russell James' New Homestudy Course and Extended Launch Period

I just took a batch of fresh Garlic Bread out of the dehydrator (mmmm!) and can hardly wait to bite into it! (If you've missed Russell James' recipe and video, make sure to check it out here!)

I got some exciting news for you!

For one thing, Russell has decided to extend the launch period of his new "How to be Your Own Raw Chef" Homestudy Course until next Wednesday 18th January at 1pm eastern time, 6pm UK time.

And now for the really fun part, he will be giving away 2 full sets of his Homestudy Course, which includes both DVD and online access! Wowsers, what a special treat!!!

How it Works
In order to enter the contest all you have to do is hop over to his Garlic Bread video (look for it on the right) and in the comment section fill in the following blanks...

"The Raw Chef 10 week homestudy course is the perfect course to help me ________________ and _________________."

If you've bought the course, or are going to buy the course before he announces on Wednesday who the winners are, don't worry, you'll still be eligible - Russell will just refund the purchase.

Remember that you now have until Wednesday January 18th to take advantage of his special launch offer!

Raw Chef Recipes Course

Now off to have a piece of that bread... ;-)


  1. Carmi, I feel so dense! I can't figure out how to enter Russell's contest. :( Not finding the garlic bread comment spot that you mentioned. Btw, we were all SO HAPPY when your (hardcover) cookbooks arrived! Graham was delighted to see Carmi on the cover! And Sally spent a lot of time reading through it. GREAT JOB! They are WONDERFUL!! Blessings from upstate NY. (Now let's see if I can figure out how to post a comment here!)

  2. Always a little sad to have an animal pass on, regardless of age.