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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Winners of My Ebook Giveaway!

I know, I know, this has got to be the longest stretch I've gone without blogging! I was in 'retreat mode' for about 3 weeks and since then, I haven't been spending much time in the kitchen at all (or on the Internet for that matter) so no exciting discoveries or new recipes to report. Plus, things continue to be quite intense around here, with another move in the somewhat near future. Yikes!

BUT I haven't forgotten about the 'Name Your Fave' Draw! If you recall, to mark the 2nd anniversary of The Sunny Raw Kitchen and as a small 'Thanks!' to you, my dear readers, I decided to give away two of my recipe ebooks. To enter the contest, all you had to do is tell us which are your 3 favorite recipes posted on this blog.

Congrats to Velvet and Katy! You will each receive your ebook of choice as soon as you contact me with your email address! You can do so by leaving me a comment (no worries, I won't publish it!) or sending me an email to: sunnyrawkitchen@gmail.com

What about their faves?

- Cheddar Cheeze Spread or Dip
- Goddess' Kale Chips
- Strawberry Shortcake

- Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - this one is actually in my Best of RFC Ebook but that's ok! ;-)
- So Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup
- Super Choconana Shake

A big thanks to everyone who participated!

Raw blessings,

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  1. Hey there! Great blog. I hope to read more of your posts when you have the time to post. And I have a feeling that your blog and mine could have 30-Rock-like "synergy" - I hardly have access to any cooking utilities at school, so I would love to become more versed in the arts of the blender. Happy blogging!