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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Health Video Update - Part X

It's been a very loooong time since I've posted anything on my blog. I suppose that's partly because of our not having internet connection at home; our lives have been revolving mostly around, well, 'real life'.  I must also admit that for quite a while the news of my gut issue wouldn't have been that great so I figured you were best not knowing what's happening at my end.

Anyhoo, after spending a quiet winter in our little cabin in the woods here we are again, out of hibernation, safe and (mostly) sound. Before I go ahead and give you a video update of how I've been feeling health-wise, here are a few pics I wanted to share with you first.

Winter Style
Our cabin is heated by a wood stove so Mr. Donnie had to look after our firewood supply. As the wood pile grew smaller over the months, by Spring he had to get on all fours and go into the 'igloo' that had been created by the frozen and snowy tarp.

Throughout the cold months Don diligently continued to do the Five Tibetan Rites every morning. Unfortunately after years of doing them with him I had to eventually give up since my weak wrists (from carpal tunnel) prevented me from performing 2 of them. One morning, as he was stretching I happened to glance over and noticed Miss Da Pu (yes, that's short for 'Puss', which is short for 'Pussycat') in virtually the exact same position! he he

Settling Down
OK, so now fast forward to when Spring was well under way. Here's the humble cabin that has become our home. For the first time in 4 years we have officially turned the page on our nomadic lifestyle and have settled down. We've decided to sell the fifth wheel trailer and truck as it had become obvious that we weren't going to go back on the road anytime soon.

Plus we are totally comfortable here. The cabin is a little quirky, but then so are we! lol More importantly it's located in a quiet area with access to a nice walk, just a short drive from the nearby town so we can check our emails every few days, the landlords are really sweet and rent is reasonable. What more could one want!

A Garden At Last
One of the major perks of this place is that previous renters had set up several beds as well as a green house. They obviously really knew what they were doing as the soil looks nice and rich and is filled with earthworms; a sure good sign! Unfortunately many renters after them weren't into gardening so the beds were all grown over. Preparing them wasn't an easy job but now we're so glad we did! Visiting the garden, tending to the plants and watching them grow have quickly become the highlight of my days! Actually, my little garden routine has become a bit stressful lately since a mature black bear started to make his rounds in our neighborhood about a week ago. He's a bit too brave and even aggressive, so I doubt he'll be around much longer; he'll either get shot or taken away by wilderness services. In the meantime I sing out lout whenever I go to the garden to make sure he knows I'm there.

Since I can still only eat very few veggies, I didn't want to go too overboard, planting a bunch of things that I wouldn't be able to enjoy anyways. In the greenhouse we have several tomato plants (I can't do them at the moment but am crossing my fingers that I'll be able to by the end of the summer...), basil, a few bell peppers (which I can have roasted, peeled and de-seeded), and a couple of cucumbers. We've also planted several bunches of Sweet Alyssums in the hope that they will attract bees.

Given my restricted diet we have mostly planted potatoes as they're one of my main staples. Plus Donnie has always been a huge fan of them. We also have a few beets and carrots, spinach (which I can thankfully eat! Yay!), green onions, chard, kale and lettuce. I'm not ok with beets and the last three greens yet but again, who knows... (And Donnie will enjoy them at least!)

Interestingly, we learned that the previous renters had a profitable grow op happening here for a number of years. No wonder they had a green thumb! lol And so we discovered several more beds on the property, hidden under tarps. Woo hoo! Thankfully the going was a lot easier since these had been protected by the plastic.

This is me prepping one of the new beds. Notice the slight belly! ;-) I lost several pounds in the aftermath of the colonoscopy in January, but thanks to my diet high in carbs I've put them all back on and then some! I'm now 113 lbs which is the most I've weighed since going raw back in 2001.

Two more potato patches.

We've got carrots, beets, green onions and zucchinis in the front bed and, you'll have guessed it, more taties in the one at the back. All together we've planted over a hundred potato plants!

Floral Beauty
There were already a couple of circular beds right by the cabin which I have used for herbs and flowers.

Fuschias... apparently a favorite of hummingbirds, which we soooo love!

Osteospermum; hum, how can such a pretty plant have such a weird name!?!


Yours truly posing with our flower basket.

In Pu World
Miss Puss absolutely loves it here! She strolls around all over the place, from the cabin all the way to the other end of the property where the garden is located. Although these days she, too, has to stay on high alert because of the visiting black bear.


Yoga Power
In March I was reintroduced to kundalini yoga. I practiced it briefly when I first went raw but then let it drop in favor of the Rites. I found myself deeply resonating with its combination of physical poses, breathing techniques, meditations and the use of mantras. It's caused me to experience such a dramatic raise in my energy levels that within just a few weeks I felt like a different person! At last I was no longer in survival mode and my life didn't only revolve around my gut issues. Yippee!

On average, I've been doing 1 1/2 hours of kundalini yoga when I get up for the last 3 months. Don has even incorporated a few exercises into his own morning routine. hehe He says about the Tibetan Rites that you must work for them for a few minutes and they work for you for the rest of the day. I find that this is also true of yoga; a very wise investment of my time indeed! I probably wouldn't have been able to do all of the work involved in preparing the garden beds if it hadn't been for it!

Ego Eradicator

Bridge Pose

Gut Report
As for the health department, as I should have known, the endoscopy and colonoscopy exams I had at the end of January were a very VERY bad idea! The combination of laxative prep and actual procedure traumatized my gut so much that now, four months later, it isn't back to how it felt before them! *sigh*  

Let me tell you more about how I've been feeling since in this video:

On The 'OK' Food List
For those of you who might be interested to know more details, as I was mentioning earlier right now my diet remains very restricted. I still suffer from an intolerance to fructose so must limit my intake of fruits and sugar. Also my gut is overall more sensitive than it was prior to the scope so I must stick to very soft, non-fibrous foods and can't have any spices, pepper and even certain herbs. At least I can have a teeny bit of raw; I have a smoothie in the morning (banana, blueberries or strawberries, nut milk, sometimes spinach and avocado) with a handful of walnuts or pecans, and I always start my lunch with a raw cucumber and celery juice (thank goodness for that!) 

But mostly my diet revolves around the few things I can eat... Eggs, (very occasionally) chicken (not much lately), lactose-free cheese, white rice, rice pasta, potatoes, carrots, roasted bell peppers, and my gluten free baked goodies (breads, cookies and all sorts of yummy low-sugar desserts). I can also have cashews, macadamia nuts and almonds so lately I've been making cultured nut cheezes and raw sauces that I can enjoy on grains or bread. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately I'm no longer able to enjoy a lot of things that I could prior to the scope exams, such as quinoa (boo hoo!!!), oats, young coconut, celery, mushrooms, broccoli or cauliflower (these cause pain so I eat them only once in a while and in moderation), sweet potato and squash.

As for supplements, I have continued to take digestive enzymes, betaine HCL (when I have chicken), probiotics and a combination of slippery elm, marshmallow root powder, licorice root powder and NAG (N-Acetyl Glucosamine) based on Jini Patel Thompson's "Mucosa-Heal" formula which is said to help heal the gut's mucosal lining. Oh, and l-glutamine for the same reason.

The one thing that is relatively new is my being able to take a multivitamin powder. I use this one from Youngivity as well as their Liquid Beyond Osteo FX (for minerals) and EFA Plus for essential fatty acids.

Other Topics I mention in this video:

Dangers of Colonoscopies: This link and this link

So this about wraps it up in terms my news...

Hope you guys have a wonderful Spring and Summer!