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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Carmella's Health Video Update - Part IX

I know, I know... I haven't made a peep in months!

I wasn't purposefully ignoring you guys; it just felt like all I'd have to share was old news, you know, of the not-that-much-improvement variety. There came a point when I got sooooo tired of talking about my health that I avoided being around people altogether, since the first thing that invariably pops up is always "How are you?" Sure, I suppose I could have lied, but that's not really who I am.

Anyhoo, at long last things seem to be looking up. Over the months (it's actually going to be one year in a couple of weeks!), I've learned not to get excited at the first sign of wellness, as pain would always raise its ugly head again a few days later. I now take it one day at a time. If I have minimal pain that day, 'Great!' but I keep reminding myself that that can change. Conversely, it also helps to minimize the drama and emotional response when the pain is more prominent.

Having said that, it has been something like 4 weeks since my last major 'flare'. (Knocking on wood.) It feels that at last my gut is slowly getting stronger and can tolerate an ever increasing amount of new foods. I continue to be careful and to not get ahead of myself by introducing too many items at once, so that I can keep track of my body's response. So far, so good. I can sense that there's still a long way to go before I can eat veggies in their raw state but I count my blessings; right now I can enjoy several kinds of raw fruits, a small amount of citrus juice, cooked tomato, quinoa, and even blanched almond butter! (Woo hoo!)

What a learning this whole experience has been thus far! It's teaching me about patience and acceptance, about going beyond any fixated ideas and self-imposed limitations, and above all, about the fact that, really, I know nothing. I've finally realized that I can't simply figure this whole thing out and heal myself alone. I've done everything I possibly can, the time has come to surrender the process over to God, The-Energy-Behind-All-Things, to The Mystery...

But 'nuff typing, I'll tell you more about what's been going on this last little while in this next video.

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