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The Best of the Sunny Raw Kitchen
The Best of Raw Freedom Community
Delightfully Raw and
Deliciously Raw

These feature some of the most delectable creations to have come out of my raw kitchen and will appeal to anyone interested in a healthier diet, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. From easy one-step everyday fare to more elaborate and involved gourmet dishes and layered cakes, they offer something for everyone and every occasion. Incredibly tasty smoothies, creamy and comforting warm soups, sexy salads, delicious nut cheezes, satisfying entrees and scrumptious guilt-free desserts...

Healthy food never tasted so good!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Carmella's Health Video Update: Part VI

It's been a while since my last health video update... almost a whole month! We've been slowly making our way from Arizona back to British Columbia, so I haven't had a chance to keep you in the loop. (I know... bad, bad Carmi!)

The trip has been going super smoothly and I continue to feel increasingly better. I tell you all about it in today's video.

Resource I mention in the video:

Jini Patel Thompson's IBD Remission Diet:

My Other Health Video Updates:

Recipe Book Sale Ending Soon
My Loving Myself to Health Book Sale will go on for just a few more days, as once we're back in Canada we'll no longer be able to ship the hard copies (postage is a lot more pricey from there).

So until April 23rd you can purchase all of my raw recipe books at a discount while helping us cover our expenses surrounding my health issues. A win-win! ;-)

You can find all of the details about this sale here.

Bits of Raw News 
The Raw Chef Russell James has recently launched his brand new website! Woo hoo! Make sure to drop by and learn more about his inspiring recipe ebooks and his amazingly informative and professionally done online and DVD courses.


Interested in raw but on a tight budget? Did you know that Russell lets you choose your price for his products? Find out more on:

Omni V 3 HP Blender Purchases
Thomas Fox of Omniblender.com has made some major changes to his affiliate program. From now on, the only way that Omni blender sales can be traced back to my website is to place your order directly through me. 

If you are interested in ordering an Omni blender, please drop me a line via this contact form. Thanks! 

You can learn more about this more affordable 3 HP blender here.