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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fabulous News - Health Video Update Part XI

Hi guys!

I haven't posted an update in what seems like ages!

My gut health plateaued for quite some time after my last video, so there wasn't that much news to report. But I'm beyond ecstatic to announce that I've experienced a major breakthrough in the past few months! Woo hoo! Better fill you in on the details in a short video. Here you go...

What my Diet Looks Like
I never thought I'd see this day, but I can now eat ALMOST everything, except for tomatoes, hot spices and especially tough veggies and small seeds (think raspberries.) As I explain in the video, this is a relatively new development. I was gradually able to include different grains, then lentils and beans, and as of the last 3 weeks or so, nuts and seeds. After having to make do with such a restricted diet for so long, I still can't quite get my mind around the fact that I could whip up all kinds of dishes now. Funny, eh?

As a matter o fact, I recently pulled out my Delightfully Raw book again and started making some dressings and sauces. Wow, what a treat after eating salads, rice and veggies only with a little oil, nutritional yeast and veggie salt! Oh and a couple of weeks ago I made the most raw dish I've prepped in years: Spring Rolls, complete with sprouts and raw carrot, which I was trying for the first time. Lo and behold, it was fine! Woo hoo! Gosh, I can't express into words the relief that I feel at no longer having to minutely watch everything that goes into my mouth! Having said that, I do have to keep an eye on my fat intake in order to not overload my gallbladder. Still, comparatively no biggie...

Natural Supplements and Herbs
I continue to take Chinese herbs daily. For the last few months my main formula has been geared principally towards the liver and gallbladder. The list of herbs is too long to include here but I will mention that Gold Coin Grass (Jin Qian Cao) is part of it. I also alternate between the Liu Wei Di Huang and Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan formulas to help with my pre-menopause. It completely eliminates my hot flashes. Yay! I've also been taking Ma Zi Ren Wan to assist with my bowel movements (miraculous stuff!), but now that my diet is so varied I've been able to almost completely wean me off it.

On top of that, the supplements I take are essentially to support fat digestion, such as Bile Salts (Ox Bile), Betaine HCL, Choline bitartrate and digestive enzymes. By the way, lots of great info for those suffering from gallbladder malfunctions of any kind on this site: GallbladderAttack.com. I also drink a fair amount of apple juice (contains malic acid to soften gallstones) and beet juice (to help thin the bile.)

Resistant Starch
Resistant Starch (RS for short) is rich in prebiotics and promotes gut health by nourishing the good bacteria in the large intestine and colon. More good bugs automatically means the bad guys are having a tougher time sticking around.

If you'd like to learn more about RS, check out these links:

Resistant Starch: Gut Superfood
Resistant Starch – Friend or Foe?

Colloidal Silver
Man has been turning to silver for a very long time. According to Hippocrates, commonly known as the "father of medicine," it has "beneficial healing and anti-disease properties."

Colloidal silver has now been recognized as a potent natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and even anti-inflammatory. Its uses are almost endless; everything from preventing fermentation and spoilage to applying topically on cuts and burns, relieving toothaches, wiping toilet seats and spraying on plant foliage to eliminate mold and diseases.

You can find Dr. Axe's take on 8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits here and an exhaustive list of all kinds of great uses for CS here.

Not to mention that CS can also help save a lot of money in vet bills. On the PetValu site you can read:
Colloidal Silver is reported as a treatment to fight more than 650 different viruses, bacteria, fungi and disease organisms found in pets but will not affect healthy cells around the infection. Reported to help with wounds, arthritis, nerves and stress, blood circulatory cleanser, eyes, ears, cankers, sinus, muscle and joints, bones and ligaments, allergens, pollution and skin problems.

In fact, we got to see first hand how effective it can be just a few weeks ago when Don's daughter was visiting. Her dog Zen hadn't been feeling well for some time due to swollen anal glands. On the first night of their arrival he even vomited, poor little fellow. After doing some research online we learned how CS can work wonders with animal's health issues, so Amber started to give Zen about 1 tsp CS on an empty stomach twice a day. She also added a few drops to his drinking water bowl. Within a couple of days the transformation was nothing short of spectacular. His appetite was back and he was so full of energy we could hardly keep up with his playfulness on our walks!

We've also been giving a few drops of CS to Miss DaPuss in the morning to help with her recurring urinary tract infection. You can see for yourself in the video how perky and energetic she is now!

Truly incredible stuff!

We were actually so impressed that I immediately started looking on the web about ways to make it at home, as it can be quite pricey to purchase. Naturally, I wanted to ensure that it be of the highest quality and safety. My research has shown that there are about a zillion different (and conflicting!) methods out there. After lots of due diligence, it has become clear that the most commonly used protocols to make colloidal silver yield in fact inferior and potentially toxic substances.

In the end we settled for a colloidal silver generator sold by an Australian company called Silver Well. It controls both the voltage and the current output during production and has an Auto Shut-off in order to produce high quality CS containing safe trace amounts of silver. It also comes with a thermal stirrer, using gentle heat and convection currents to continuously circulate the water during the generating process, therefore ensuring smaller silver particles. (Large particles can't be as readily assimilated by the body.)

Just to clarify, the Silver Well Colloidal Silver Generator was designed in the USA by Coyote Zenterprizes, where it's known as the Silver Puppy. (Not sure what the connection is there. lol) However, I opted to purchase the Australian unit for several reasons. For one thing, I resonate with David's website better. He gives a lot of valuable information to help understand the process of making CS and is clearly dedicated to offering both a stellar product and customer service. (The Silver Well comes with a one year warranty.) But most importantly, his unit includes a stirrer which our research has shown makes a higher quality colloidal silver. As a side note, believe it or not, with the dreadful Canadian/US exchange rate these days, it was actually more economical for us to order this unit from Australia, as our dollars are almost par. Go figure!

Now we can hardly wait to receive our new Silver Well generator and start producing superior CS at home! Woo hoo! We're particularly interested in making a colloidal silver gel (to be used topically) from natural and non-toxic ingredients, as most CS gels available at the moment contain carbomer, which is petro-chemical based. Yikes!

Actually, we're so excited about this new venture that our intention is to sell our Colloidal Silver products at local markets. So do send me an email at sunnyrawkitchen(at)gmail(dot)com if you think this is something that might interest you!

Before I go, I just want to mention a little vignette regarding colloidal silver. I've been swishing with it in the morning and evening after brushing my teeth, as I have a tooth that has a small cavity growing. And yes, it has been helpful as it no longer bothers me, but I keep doing it anyways as a preventative measure. I've been a bit hesitant to take it internally, not knowing if it would be gentle enough on my gut's more sensitive spot, at least until I can use the good stuff we'll be making.

Yesterday, after filming the video, I stumbled upon the following info on this site, which I found very enlightening on the topic of taking CS internally:
Colloidal silver, in normal amounts, is absorbed well before it reaches the intestines, which is where the good bacteria live (approx. 35% in the small intestine and 65% in the large intestine). This quick absorption is because the silver particles are mostly smaller than a human blood cell. Since the particles of silver have an opposite charge than the body, they are naturally attracted to our cells, and are quickly absorbed through tissues into the bloodstream. It is recommended that Colloidal Silver be held under the tongue or swished about in the mount for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. This helps absorption rate because colloidal minerals are easily absorbed sublingually. The silver is in a colloidal state, just like our bodies, and is readily absorbed.
So anyhoo, after my usual swishing before bed, without really thinking, I swallowed my dropper full of colloidal silver. A few hours later, I woke up in bed with cramps and an overall sensation of intense activity under both sides of my rib cage. At first I was like "What the heck is going on!?!" until it dawned on me that it was CS working its magic.

See, many years ago, towards the very beginning of my whole gut health saga, I noticed that I had developed a sort of fructose intolerance. It felt like I had a balloon tucked under my rib cage on the left side. Whenever I would eat fruit and certain veggies I would also feel like strange 'bubbles' there. Some research led me to eventually conclude that it was caused by a bacterial overgrowth. In fact, this in turn caused me to follow a strict Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) for quite some time in order to stop 'feeding the bad bugs'. I didn't stick with this approach long enough to find out if it really worked, though. In fact, I gave up on the whole idea as it became more important for me to focus on providing my body with whatever little substance it could tolerate than imposing additional restrictions on my diet choices. In time, I started to experience a similar balloon effect on the right side, but wrote it off thinking it was gallbladder related. It's been going on for so long now that I barely notice the usually mild discomfort anymore.

Last night it dawned on me that the colloidal silver was actually attacking the bad bacteria that has taken residence in these areas of my gut. Wow! It will be interesting to see what effect CS will have in that regard as I continue taking it internally. I'll keep you posted!

Until then, I wish you all an invigorating Spring and absolutely RADIANT health - the greatest of all riches!


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  1. Hi Carmella! It is so good to hear your sweet voice and see you looking so fit. My family was in need of a raw food boost so I was off and running to your website. What a surprise to see you!!! Often times I find raw food recipes to be too sweet or too salty. Not yours. It seems that we both have the same flavor profile when it comes to salty/sweet. Even though I am the proud owner of all your recipe books, I still run to your blog index for a quick fix. Can't say it enough, it is so good to see you! Please post some pictures of your embroidered cards. They sound amazing. All the best to you and your family, Julie and Sam