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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carmella's Health Video Update: Part VII

Hello everyone!

No, no... I hadn't forgotten about you guys! I was just caught up with the end of our US travels and have been resting and laying low ever since our return to Canada. I suppose one reason I kept procrastinating making a new video update is that my health wasn't really improving. After a while, you get tired of only giving bad news...

Yesterday marked the "6 month anniversary" since I did the second Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse, which is when things really began to plummet for me in the health department. Thankfully, at long last I now have a sense of what exactly is going on in my guts, and therefore how to go about treating it. Let's hope that I'm truly onto something here and that I'm on the mend! *fingers crossed*

I had lots of ground to cover so I ended up dividing the material into two videos. The first one is a general overview of what's been happening for me since my last update. The second one tells you about a recent positive development, finally giving me what I feel is a solid direction in terms of what must be done for my healing process to begin in earnest. Yippee!

Now, ready to find out about my big "Eureka!" moment? There's finally light at the end of the tunnel. Yay!

Here's a list of the resources I mention in the videos...

Jini Patel Thompson's IBD Remission Diet:
Judy Kemecsei - Cleansing Coach – Expert in Liver and Kidney Function

Charlotte Branca - Master Herbalist and Medical Intuitive

About the dangers of colonoscopies: 

Wolverine's Story: 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

 About the SCD Diet: 

About the study on cannabis and Crohn's Disease:

Crohn's Boy experience with hemp oil:

About Rick Simpson's Phoenix Tears:
Run From The Cure video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYDbKGOIELY 

About parasites:

Common antiparasitic drugs:
Medendazole - Vermox
Pyrantel Palmoate - Combantrin in Canada/Australia/New Zealand

Hulda Clark's Parasite Cleanse: 

About healing IBD with raw foods:

My Other Health Video Updates:


  1. God bless you Carmella. Be well finally. We miss you so but want you to heal and be happy in the kitchen again :-)
    Thx for giving us an update and we hope you'll be back hiking and cooking and inspiring us soon .

  2. Dang worms! The Barefoot Herbalist has the best dewormers. Good luck:)

  3. Glad you found something that works. Please continue with what works and stop experimenting on yourself. You might want to deworm your pets as well. Sometimes they are the source of worms.

  4. Oh Carmella,
    I wish you continued healing. How beautiful that you are heeding the promptings of the Holy Spirit--how beautiful that you actually take the time to be still and just LISTEN!! SO many people ignore these precious promptings and then lose out on what is needed in their life--such a shame. SO I am soooo happy for you that you are getting your answers!!
    I have been praying for answers to my little ones health issues (he has Crohn's) and I have been getting them! So beautiful. God is so good.I always tell the 5 children that they must ASK for help, it won't just be given to them; they have to pray, ask, believe and then LISTEN.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  5. Oh Carmella,
    I wish you continued healing and happiness!
    How beautiful though that you are heeding the promptings of the Holy Spirit. So beautiful that you take the time to be still and just LISTEN. You will get your answers.
    I have been praying for years for answers to our son's Crohn's problems, he is only 6 years old. And guess what? Everyday I have been presented with the information that I needed--God is so good!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  6. Ah, you have found your sunny side of life again, the dream continues, we are all planting little seeds in your garden to keep your sunflower company. Soon you will be able to smell the fragrance of our family garden and sit here as long as you need, feeling safe and sheltered. Worms have a need to live too, but they should now take up residence in the earth, where all parasites return, and let you grow stronger. I used Wild Oregano oil, zeolites, msm and marine phytopkankton. But that is strong stuff. Bathing in epsom salts and lavendar helped, but that was me in damp old England.
    You are an inspiration, see how much you are loved? Share your story, it helps global healing too xxx

  7. Thanks to these videos Carmela. It helped people understand about these diseases.

  8. Hooray! Thank you for continuing to share your journey Carmella. I am learning so much along the way. I, too, had a parasite worm a couple of summers ago and was shocked to find out I was hosting it inside of me. I now eat more cooked food, but still love my raw favorites (just scrub my veggies extra). Sending you metta and healing energy-Kate

  9. My heartiest thanks to your for sharing this helpful post with us!!

  10. Stopped by your blog. I hope your health will be restored fully.