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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Carmella's Health Video Update: Part V

Spring is officially here! Yippee! The weather has recently been so lovely and warm where we are near Sedona, Arizona. I've been sucking up all that gorgeous sunshine, especially since we'll soon be headed for the Canadian Great North. We're leaving in almost exactly one week, so this will be my last health update video for a little while.

I've been doing pretty good; abdominal pain has been minimal and as a result I've had a lot more energy as well. (Thank goodness!) I'm now enjoying increasingly longer walks every day and have even started getting ready for our imminent trip. I still have concerns about how the increased level of stress will affect my gut, but I have little choice but to be in trust: somehow I'll be given the energy and strength that I need. ;-)

I meant to mention in my previous video that I had a chance to speak with a lady, Judy Kemecsei, who has studied under Andreas Moritz for many many years and is therefore an expert in the Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse. She was very interested in my case as she has never heard of anyone suffering from such severe health issues afterward. Her thoughts are that my colon must have already been weak and that the toxins which came out during the two flushes I did aggravated it.

It's hard to know exactly what happened there but I agree that there must have been something already going on. For one thing I had a resurgence of candida overgrowth last summer - for the first time in years. My feeling is that while I took different products such as caprylic acid and olive leaf extract in order to kill the bad bugs, I didn't replenish my gut sufficiently with probiotics. I'm thinking that the series of five colonics that I had shortly before doing the Liver and Gallbladder Flushes further contributed to weaken my intestinal flora.

Anyhoo, what's done is done and is somehow perfect, as difficult as this might be to see. This is just something that I have to go through and learn from at this point... ;-)

OK, 'nuff said. I'll just let you watch the video. Talk to you again once I'm settled in Canada!

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  1. Hi Carmella - I'm so glad you are feeling better, and am impressed with your ongoing commitment to listen to your inner wisdom. I hope we get to meet someday - peace to you.
    Deb R Minnesota