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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carmella's Health Video Update: Part IV

Hi guys!

I'm a little overdue for a health update... I haven't been feeling great for the last week or so and kept waiting to see if things would get better.

Anyhoo I tell you more about what's been going on in this next video.

Some resources I mention in the video:

Jini Patel Thompson's IBD Remission Diet:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

Extended Recipe Book Sale
Following this Elemental Diet protocol as well as taking a number of natural products to deal with my health issues are creating a big hole in our finances. It's certainly been a lesson in trust, that somehow we will be provided with the means to do whatever it takes. In that light I've decided to extend my Loving Myself to Health Book Sale; you can now purchase all of my raw recipe books at a discount while helping us cover our expenses. A win-win! ;-)

You can find all of the details about this sale here.

My Other Health Video Updates:


  1. Sorry to hear about your set-back in the past week, Carmie, and we're sending lots of love and blessings for your continued recovery. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather because it's still cold and snowy here in the frozen North!

  2. Dear Carmella,
    Thank you for posting your health video. You are very brave and I send you healing prayers. I have your first cookbook and have been raw-vegan for the past 3 years. I finished the GBLiver flush 4 times with moderate results. My son was IBS for years (he's 36) and cured himself with probiotics and a brown rice diet. Now he's totally vegan (past 10 years) and can't even look at dairy and oranges without a reaction. But the probiotics were excellent. He believes in cabbage juice for the gut and uses his juicer a lot. Recently he made his own colodial silver.
    Because of problems in my family with colon..I had a colonoscopy this week.. The preparation goes against the grain for me. the dye powders etc. but now I'm flushing it all out with tons of liquid.
    I really feel for you and hope that you can rest a little longer before travelling.

    With loving kindness


    1. Thanks Isabelle,

      I did a search today to find out more about cabbage juice. I usually get tons of gas from raw cabbage so was a little weary to try it, but I did find one lady online who was recommending fermented cabbage juice. Strangely I don't seem to have an adverse reaction to sauerkraut (or at least didn't used to before all of this happened), so I just made a batch this p.m. It should be ready in 3 or 4 days... Will let you guys know how it's working for me.

      I hope your colon turns out to be healthy!

  3. Oh C, how I see your sunshine coming through, happy vit D for food and mood after travelling all scrunched up in a seat your colon can untwist and stretch with your rising cheer. Maybe the sun, in time, will help heal. Myself, I have gone back to basics, Ann's energy soup, a whole body experience and intestine hugging creamy avocado, also the juice of probiotic kraut and aloe vera. For you, try try try what is before you most insistently trying to get your attention and sometimes all it takes is time. With you in this journey, massage your body to draw out tension, like a mother would her pregnant belly, cos there is health waiting to be born . Charlie xxx

    1. Thanks Charlie for your sweet words. Back to basics sounds like the way to go for me to, even once I'm on the other side of this thing.

      As I was just telling Isabelle I have a batch of kraut fermenting right now and am looking forward to trying the juice in a few days. And yes, aloe rocks! My body responded so strongly when I tested for it that I nearly lost my balance! hehe

  4. Sorry about your situation. Unfortunately I live by muscle testing and accupressure as I cannot eat many foods at all. Your website has been a blessing with the raw food. I seem to tolerate it to some degree. Stick with the muscle testing. I rub my tummy, chest & forehead until my arm won't give. then I hold the food (etc.) in my left hand & my husband tests my right arm out to the side at 90 degrees standing. His other hand on that shoulder lends stability. If it "gives" at all I lay on the couch and he re-tests with my right arm at 90 degrees to my body. It seems to be more accurate laying down. We also test DOSAGE of supplements every few days by adding them one at a time to my left hand until my right arm weakens. If I am really messed up he does accupressure on my back to clear my meridians. It just takes PRACTICE until you find the strength point with your partner so that you are not being over or under powered by their strength. Things can be put in baby jars to test but no plastic. Also, I went to a NAET practitioner for years, it gave me my life back although I still must be very careful. Food for thought; I did Vit.C to tolerance at one point, my allergies were gone for a day or two. Then, I did it again. It made me very ill that time. I have not been able to eat citrus at all since. I would get checked on each of the individual components like the oil, lemon etc. you used when you did the cleanse. I AM NOT a professional. I have tried about everything and muscle testing & "clearing" with accupressure, although not cure, helps me survive & not be bed ridden. It's tough when you cannot take the very things that will strengthen your body. Blessings, Julie

    1. I'm sorry that you can't just enjoy any food either, Julie.;-( Thanks for sharing your experience with muscle testing. I was wondering whether I could test for dosage.

      Sending light on your healing journey!

  5. Health is wealth! We need to make sure that we are using safe and effective health supplements.