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Monday, March 4, 2013

Carmella's Health Update Video - Part III

Howdy everyone! *waving*

We're having some gorgeous sunny warm days here in Arizona right now. Yippee! Needless to say that I've been soaking up the Sun's natural healing energy as much as I can!

My health continues to improve daily, as I'm following Jini Patel Thompson's Elemental Diet, as outlined in her books Listen to Your Gut and The IBD Remission Diet, both available at her LTYG website. The inflammation is almost all gone (well, at least the external symptoms of it), my energy is gradually coming back, I'm putting on weight at a rate of about 3-4 lbs/week (woo hoo!), and I'm now eliminating almost every day... it's such a relief that what I'm doing is actually working, as quite frankly, it's hard to see what other options I had left, since juices were still somewhat irritating my bowels.

My initial idea was to begin to reintroduce blended foods this past week, but that turned out to be not realistic at all. After discussing it over with Don I've decided it best to follow Jini's recommendation and continue the Elemental Diet for at least another 4 weeks (for a total of 6). Not exactly a happy prospect but I can now embrace the fact that I need to give my bowels as much rest as possible, especially since we'll be back on the road next month to make our way north to Canada.

In this video I tell you a bit more about what's happened this past week and go over the various natural products and supplements that I'm taking in order to support my body's self-healing process. (You can find an exact list of these just below the video.)

I'm a big believer in quality. I spend countless hours online, researching the absolute best products and best deals!

Here is a list of the various health supplements that I'm presently taking, as well as where I purchased them from.

Elemental Diet & Other Products I recommend from Jini's LTYG Shoppe
I can't say enough good things about the products that Jini Patel Thompson has developed, as well as her customer service! Justin is always so helpful and accommodating and my orders usually ship on the same day that I place them. However, I find that some of the products that are manufactured by other companies are a little pricier than at other online stores. I'm thinking it's probably in order to make up for the discounts that you can take advantage of when becoming a member of her Wellness Circle. Anyhoo the following are the products that I recommend purchasing from the LTYG Shoppe:

- Listen To Your Gut Book/eBook
- Listen To Your Colon Book/eBook
- The IBD Remission Diet Book/eBook
- Absorb Plus Shakes - My favorite flavors are Unsweetened Vanilla (I prefer to add my own stevia to adjust to my tastebuds) and Chocolate Royale (I use 1 scoop Chocolate, 3 scoops Unsweetened Vanilla)
- Imix Naturals Mucosaheal
- Angstrom Minerals Iron Plus Vitamin C - 32 fl oz
- Mini-Minerals Bone Support - 32 fl oz
- Mini-Minerals Minerals Of Life (62 Trace Minerals) - 32 fl oz
- MetaCleanse For Diarrhea Or Constipation - 1 lb
- Tri-Quench Potassium Iodide (SSKI) - 1 fl.oz

General Vitamins & Minerals
I'm aware that some of the brands I opted for might not be the absolute best. I have since been pointed to Dr Bob Marshall website by health professional friends that I deeply trust. The primary source of his products is Quantum Nutrition Labs, the world leader in excipient free (i.e. without fillers and flowing agents), live source and nutritional products.

- Coenzyme Q10 (sold on Amazon here)
- Grapefruit Seed Extract: in capsules by Nature's Way, in liquid by Nutribiotic
- Cellfood Multivitamin in liquid form (sold on Amazon here)
- Source Naturals Systemic C  1000mg (sold on Amazon here and Vitacost)
- Magnesium Citrate by Nutricology (sold on Amazon here)
- Potassium Citrate by Nutricology (sold on Amazon here)
- Bioflavonoids by Nutricology (sold on Amazon here)
- Joy of the Mountains Wild Oregano Oil (sold on Amazon here)

I learned from Jini about a company called Natren that makes top quality probiotics. They offer probiotics in both dairy and dairy-free bases, in powder form (good to re-colonize from the mouth to the colon) and in capsules. They have also developed a special capsule called Healthy Trinity which ensures that each strain doesn't touch, therefore preserving its full potency.

It is absolutely key that these remain refrigerated in order to maintain the quality and potency. Make sure that your supplier stores their Natren probiotics in the refrigerator and ships in cold packs, preferably with one or two day shipping. Your safest bet is to order directly from Natren, although the prices are slightly higher. I found some Natren products at Vitacost for much cheaper however while certain bottles were shipped in cold packs, others weren't. (Go figure!!!)

- Lifestart (Bifidobacterium infantis)
- Bifido Facrtor (Bifidobacterium bifidum)
- Megadophilus (Lactobacillus acidophilus)
- Digesta Lac (Lactobacillus bulgaricus)
- Healthy Trinity capsules (Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS super strain, 5 billion cfu (colony forming units), Bifidobacterium bifidum, Malyoth super strain, 20 billion cfu and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 super strain, 5 billion cfu)

Other Natural Products
- George's Aloe Vera Juice (sold at LTYG Shoppe and Vitacost)
- Great Plains Bentonite Clay, Liquid (sold on Amazon here and Vitacost)
- DMSO - dimethyl sulfoxide - 99.9% pure (sold at eVitamin here), 70% pure (sold on Amazon here)
- Heritage Products Castor Oil (sold on Amazon here and Vitacost)

Phfew! That turned out to be quite the list! *wiping her brow*

Extended Recipe Book Sale
As you can imagine, following this Elemental Diet protocol and taking all of these natural products are creating a big hole in our finances. It's certainly been a lesson in trust, that somehow we will be provided with the means to do whatever it takes. In that light I've decided to extend my Loving Myself to Health Book Sale; you can now purchase all of my raw recipe books at a discount while helping us cover our expenses. A win-win! ;-)

You can find all of the details about this sale here.

Now time to rest in the sunshine...

Talk again soon!


  1. Hi Carmella! I am so glad you are continuing to put on weight and feel better....heard you mention concern about your vit. c...I want to recommend a buffered powdered vit. c made by Thorne Research- they are a very high integrity company who sell to many holistic md's and chiropractors. They are able to make very pure formulas with little or no additives. This product is added to water and fizzes a bit, not flavored though, just tastes a bit tart. I feel it is very well absorbed and I have no stomach irritation at all from it. I get it from IHerb.com they sell many brands and have reasonable prices. I have a code you can use to get a discount on your first order. it is YEH874, you get $5 off a minimum $20 order or $10 off minimum $40 order. here is a link http://www.iherb.com/Thorne-Research-Buffered-C-Powder-8-oz-227-g/18423 enjoy! love, Faith

    1. Thanks Faith for the heads up about Thorne Research and iHerb. I'll definitely check into them!

      Warm blessings,

  2. I'm just going to say it. I'm worried about all the different processed tablets and solutions your putting into your self. Are the probiotc tablets fresh? Dr. Fuhrman has fresh refrigerated. Bottles are wapped and kept cool during shipping. Very worried about you. Sending all good intentions and saying prayers for you during this time of Lent. God bless you. ~Nessa

    1. Thanks for your concern Nessa. No need to worry, I'm really not taking that many artificial supplements, mostly herbs and liquid nano particles minerals of super high quality. The probiotics are in powder form as well as capsules and they were kept refrigerated. ;-)

  3. Hi Carmella,

    I just watched all of your health update videos and it is clear that you're getting healthier...each time you have more energy and radiance. Thank you for sharing your story, it is both generous and courageous. Sending lots of healing vibes, love and happiness to you from the Swiss alps. xxs

    1. Thanks Christi! Today the pain in my abdomen is back. Dang! I'm keeping my spirits up, though, as I know that I'm on an overall improving trend. Just gotta be patient and keep on trucking!

  4. Hi Carmella,
    You are a very inspiring lady and I wish you all the very best getting back to full health naturally. Is your stomach bloated all the time? I was diagnosed with chronic IBC with constipation last week after having my condition for 12 months. I am finally getting my constipation issue sorted taking magnesia + vitamin C. If I could only stop this bloating in my stomach. I have been waiting to see a naturapath for like 3 months and next Friday is my appointment to try and get better the natural way.
    Jann :))

    1. Thanks Jann,

      I'm sorry to hear that you're also having GI tract problems. ;-( I'm so glad that you're considering healing the natural way. Good for you! My stomach is somewhat bloated from the shakes, but I've heard that this is not uncommon.

      All the best on your healing journey!

      In light,

  5. Thinking of you as you head back to Canada. I struggle to absorb iron and so am always suffering from iron deficiency anemia. I was curious about the liquid iron you are taking and looked all over for a name of the product but I must be missing it somewhere. Could you let me have the name please? I so appreciate your website and have been following you for years now. Keep on with this journey, you are your body's best friend :)

    1. Thanks!

      The name of the iron is Angstrom Minerals Iron Plus Vitamin C and it's available at: Jini's Listen To Your Gut Shoppe here: http://tinyurl.com/LTYGShoppe